5.11.13 [EGP/2GG] Vindication $2650 BONUS/All Evo Games/Smash (Ontario, Ca)


Allow me to introduce an unprecedented new monthly event. Set amidst a ridiculous 35,000 square foot multi-level arcade venue complete with food service, a full bar, 30 foot projection screen, pool tables and candy cabs. We’re kicking this off in spectacular fashion by giving away thousands of dollars in cash and prizes including a free raffle. It shall be called “The Vindication Series” and it shall be legendary.

Date: Saturday, May 11th

Featured games: $2,650 IN BONUS CASH ADDED!!
Injustice: God’s Among Us (PS3) - $500 pot bonus
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbox) - $500 pot bonus
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Game Cube) -$500 pot bonus
Super Street Fighter AE v2012 (Xbox) - $250 pot bonus
Street Fighter x Tekken v2013 (Xbox) - $250 pot bonus
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) - $250 pot bonus
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3) - $100 pot bonus
Persona 4 Arena (PS3) - $100 pot bonus
King of Fighters XIII (Xbox) - $100 pot bonus
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3) - $100 pot bonus

Bring your own controller/fightstick. This includes USB sync cables for PS3 players. We do have a couple house Xbox/PS3 fightsticks for emergency use but please do not rely on their availability.

**Schedule: **
11:00am - Doors open and registration begins
12:30pm - Melee/Brawl doubles begin
2:00pm - Melee/Brawl singles begin
3:00pm – TTT2 and KOF begin
4:00pm - UMvC3 and MK9 begin
5:00pm – Injustice and SFAE begin
6:00pm – Persona and SFxTK begin
11:00pm – Doors close and thanks for playing

All registration is on site. Please arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to start times for registration. Be aware that we will strictly follow our schedule and cannot allow for any delays.

Game Works - Ontario Mills Mall
4541 Mills Circle
Ontario, Ca 91764
Plenty of free parking
Venue Photos





Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/epicgp

$5 venue fee per player: Paid only once. Includes free casuals and one free raffle ticket.
$5 cash pot per player per game (Doubles $10 per team)
Casuals Only: $5 (includes one free raffle ticket).
Spectating is free

One free raffle ticket is included with your paid admission. Additional tickets can be purchased for $1. Prizes will be updated frequently as they are added:
Game Works: Game Cards (http://www.gameworks.com)
GX Gaming: Gaming Headsets, Mice, Speakers (http://www.gx-gaming.com)
The Underground Syndicate: Gaming Apparel (http://www.undergroundsyndicateshop.com)
ESA Designs: Vindication Series Tee Shirts (http://www.facebook.com/ESADesigns)
EGP Tee Shirts
8- Bit Bead Sprites
Raffle Prize Photos

Singles: Top 4 (58/28/9/5)
Doubles: Top 3 (60/30/10)
Everything Else:
Top 4 (60/25/10/5)

Rules: Double Elimination
Melee: Standard Smash Back Room Ruleset
Brawl: Unity Ruleset (metaknight is NOT banned)
Evo Games: Evo Ruleset
Injsutice: YTB

Contact Info:
Site: www.EpicGamerProductions.com


(562) 645-6031

“The Vindication Series” is a collaborative endeavor by Epic Gamer Productions “EGP” and 2 Good Gaming “2GG” in an effort to provide one of the finest monthly event series ever assembled for our community.

A little more than 2 weeks left. Let’s GOOOOO!

Awesome food, drink and game card specials JUST for our players at Vindication:

All Day Game Cards 15 (normally 45)

Hotdog 3, Cheeseburger 5, Nachos & Cheese 4, Chips & Salsa 3, Pizza (slice) 3, Chicken Strips 5, Teriyaki Chicken Bowl 6

Chips 1, Big Cookie 2

Soda 2, Bottled Water 2, Red Bull 4, Corona 5, Coronarita 11

Didn’t even stream the finals for SF4 or SFxT? lame…