5/12/07 Rack & Cue @ SFSU Tournament RESULTS!

Marvel Vs Capcom 2
10 Entries

1st - Rom aka ‘De4d3ye’ or however the hell you spell it
2nd - Bihn
3rd - Kevin
4th - Tim
5th - Tang
5th - Alex

Sorry, don’t know your SRK names, post up if you want me to edit this.

Street Fighter 3 - 3rd Strike
21 Entries

1st - Rom aka ‘De4d3y3’ - Yang
2nd - Yoon aka ‘randomtxscrub’ - Yun/Ken
3rd - Mike aka 'Kinetix’
4th - Jimmy aka 'Emphy’
5th - Bihn
5th - Byron
7th - Rene
7th - Walter
9th - Rod
9th - Bui
9th - Ramin
9th - J.P.

Rom beats everyone to win
Yoon loses to Jimmy, Rom
Mike loses to Rom, Yoon
Jimmy loses to Mike, Yoon
Bihn loses to Rom, Jimmy
Byron loses to Rom, Yoon

Good shit everyone, random scrubiness for the win.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
?? Entries (Like 10?)

1st - Jimmy aka Emphy

That’s all I have, if anyone has the brackets, throw em up.

Capcom Vs. SNK 2
10 Entries

1st - The WIZ aka ‘itayon’ A-sak/bison/R2 blanka
2nd- Winton A-sak/R2 bison/blanka
3rd- JP C-vega/honda/blanka
4th- Byron aka ‘shmy’ c-blanka/chun/sagat
5th- me aka 'Obsidian’
5th- Bihn aka chicken
7th- Phil H
7th- Aaron
9th- Phillix
9th- Isaiah

Since there were only 10 people, the whole tourney was best of 3.
Note: The Wiz shows up super late, gets put in the losers bracket and rips everyone a new one. Good shit.

That’s all I have, if anyone has the brackets, throw em up.

King of Fighters

Shit, i have no idea, someone fill me in on this shit.

GG everyone.

GG’s all.

KoF XI had more entries than CvS2? Like wha-

that is too crazy. man what a great tourny for kof though