5/12 c3 Malicious May Tourney Results PA comes to visit!


3rd Strike (23 entrants)

1st Khang Trinh “Exodus” (YU)
2nd Eric Kim “Ramza” (MA)
3rd Eric Lee “Shinshay” (KE/CH)
4th Jose Menendez “Rockman” (UR)

GGXX/ (21 entrants)
1st Jamie Martin (TE)
2nd Steve Harrison (KY)
3rd Shazay (SL)
4th Moroha (AB)
5th Iceman (ED)
5th Mr M (KY)



1st Julien Robinson (Claw)
2nd Robin Palm (Boxer)
3rd John Rothgeb “Fireballtrap” (Boxer)
4th David Graham “Ultradavid” (Honda/Gief)
5th Jeron Grayson (Claw/Chun)
5th Kyle “comeback386” (Honda)

CvS2 (20 entrants)

1st Rugal B
2nd Steve Harrison "ANGRY FUCKING BLACK"
3rd “Beast” Joe
4th Jeron Grayson

Forgot tekken results Big black guy who plays kuma won. Loc got 3rd.

Overall great tourney! Pennsylvania came down in force, and we got a good turnout from SW Virginia this tourney. Shout outs to all of those who made the trip

Conspicuously absent was my 804. Where the hell were you guys at?

Anyways. GG everyone!

I’m really fucking tired.


June 16th, 2007.

Be prepared!


Congrats to julain st GOD himself robinson:wgrin:




Just thought that I would stop by and play in one of these since I haven’t played in a C3 since November.

Good stuff to Khang for raping me in the winners semis and Eric K for pulling out that win lmao :smile:. I’ll try and be more prepared next time.

I got tourney 3S vids including interviews.


ggs to all in HnK n ST im sure u gonna see more philly heads their again that place is crazy :slight_smile:


MM results?


SwmmManShen: It’s funny that you asked about the mm’s cause none of them were even done except for the one that I asked DevilJin01 to play me in.

I have that one taped: it was me over him 3-2 Ryu vs Ibuki.

I still watched that one game between me and Eric and still can’t believe the results of that one. So close so close. :sad:



I’m still in shock from Sharingan Steve’s latest nigga moments.

At least two separate outbreaks in one day. Too much.

Good shit to everyone who came out.

PS- I’m not running CvS again.


my name is jamie saphri btw ;p. much love to the cute boy deviljin<3


did the MMs not go down???


Thanks for lunch khang!


i shed tears of laughter


didn’t do as well in st as i hoped, but i had some good matches. so many tourney matches with claws! poor gief. very funny match with jamie, and sorry i had to cheese you like that ramza. practice those reversals! :<.


ST = cheese

Anyways, I didn’t show because I called both Moose and Kevin and neither picked up their phone. I’m too poor to come up. Good shit to everyone who placed though and good luck at EVO East, everyone!


good shit to all but it dont stop there. all those who won cant sit in the chairs and be happy cause the major is comin up. so lets put in work every one and make md va take all top spots in all games at evo



Great games, everyone. Kinda disappointed with my play in ST, but congrats to the guys who placed higher than me! I guess it was stupid to go for 720 super to end a match, huh? Awesome to have 20 people in ST, thanks and congrats to everyone who came from far away and places unknown. Always nice to meet new people.

Good games to Robin, Jeron, Steve H, Jaime, and Damien in the ST tourney, although I must be forgetting a few people in there. Good games to Eric V, Comeback, DevilJin, and Jay in the 3S tourney, even though that game doesn’t even matter anymore. Unless living in 3S-happy SoCal for the next 4 months changes my mind, I probably won’t even enter that game next time.

Great seeing and hanging out with you all again, wish we could do it more often. I’ll be home in LA by the time Evo East rolls around, and I won’t be back until late August, so I guess I won’t see you until September. Practice up!


I’ll be reping MD/VA in HNK this evo!
also, sorry i couldnt enter 3s and ST, i need to save money for evo east
but i will def enter 3s at east :thumbu:
speaking of which i need to practice with some of you guys more so i can get better at this game.

oh yeah
HNK Results (14 People)

  1. Mr. Mamation (Jagi, Rei)
  2. Tiamat (Shin)
  3. BBHood (Ken)
  4. Michel (Roah)
  5. ECKrain (Shin)
  6. BChan (Juda, Roah)

There where many a Shin and Roah, three Jagis’ (wtf?) and only one Toki
My Jagi is top teir

I would have won GG but Steve was too patiant for me. After him i would have beat seth with #R ky, then moved on to beating sharazl with EX ky and won the tournment with gold Kliff


gg’s everyone. ST was fun, maybe I’ll actually start to learning how to play and enter more. 3s was good too, my Ryu experiment went better than I thought it would… new main I guess.
DJ- my fault, I completly forgot about our mm lol… so we still haven’t played xx/.
Also thanks to Jeremy (…? sorry I never got your name) for showing me those Kenshiro combos, I showed PshiPhi what’s up later that night lol.

edit- best c3 moment- [media=youtube]70lQtGQaM4o[/media]


LOL. BB Hood said what about his props? Great to see you come out to the tournament and I had a feeling you weren’t going to recognize me until I said who I was. Especially with my clone there too. Good stuff in 3S. I didn’t expect your blocking game to be that solid and to be honest I was taking the first match like training mode like I usually do. It was a good learning experience since I usually get put up with someone that I can beat or have beaten before to start out with. You definitely are skilled in fighting games in general and not just GG and watching you play different games proved it.

GG’s to everyone else especially Shinshay for finally coming out again to play 3S. You seemed to have a real confidence in Ryu this time and that showed in our matches. Playing against you really forces me to work on my ground game and hopefully those matches will benefit me come Evo East when I have to play against other shoto players.

Oh and ULTIMATE WARRIOR wins the MVP award. No contest. He made CVS2 the main event by a long shot.

GG’s to everyone else including Mims, Exoscrub, Rockman (who actually made it for the tourney!!), N Ken (I still got chicken any ways), B.More crew, Kuma warrior guy, Hav and everyone else that I forgot to mention because I’m too lazy to do shout outs anymore. Post count is more important.

Speaking of Hav…are they still doing 1 match fights for preliminary fights in CVS2 at Evo East?


LOL, i totaly forgot about that =p

yeah its jeremy :wink:
if you have any questions i am usually on aim

I also would like to thank everyone who came down here from phili, ny, and south va. it was lots of fun and i hope to see some of you all at evo east…or ecc… or whatever its called now =p