5/12 C3's Malicious May Tournament. 3S, ST, GGXX/, CvS2, T5DR, SSBM... EVO EAST PREP!


44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147

This will be the new, permanent C3 everyone. It is a bigger venue w/ 3 projectors. It’s also less then 1 minute from the old venue.

11am Smash Signups starts. Tourney will start when registration is complete.
When Smash Doubles get close to finishing, Smash pools will start

3pm Registration will start for all other games. Tourneys will start as soon as everyone there is signed up and brackets are done.

IMPORTANT: We will be closing at 1am.

CHANGE #1 In order to encourage fighting gamers to show up early, at least 1 TV will be set aside for casuals in each of the 5 fighting games NO LATER THAN 2pm. So… show up early and get some games in.

*** #2 POKER: I will setup a table for a permanent cash game, but, everything shuts down at 1am. Tourney just takes too long. ***

***#3 Contact me personally or C3 (# will be posted soon) by 430pm for the fighting games in order to get in ***


SSBM (10$)
SSBM teams (20 per team)
3S (5$)
GGXX/ (5$)
CvS2 (5$ )
ST (5$)
T5 DR (5$)

Venue Fee: 8$ (one can of soda and chips/candy included)

PS3 2/ T5DR download is needed. First two guys per 10 people that show up w/ them will get free entry into the T5 tourney and will not have to pay venue fee (18$ value).

SSBM is bring your own controller.

Most games: Double Elim

Standard Rules for all games.

Payout per tourney:

<10 entrants 66/33
10-20 entrants: 58/28/14
over 20 entrants 53/26/14/7
over 50 entrants 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125/3.125C


Embassy Suites Hotel Dulles-North/Loudoun, VA 3 star rating
44610 Waxpool Road, Dulles, VA Map
0.3 Miles South of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~109$ a night

I’m there god dammit.

Owned you DJ

wow DJ got raped

ill try and make this one. i should have my license by then as well, so i might be able to give a ride or two

LOL. I was gonna post at Paul’s house but I didn’t want to seem like I was just taking advantage of a chance to get on SRK. I figured I would take a bit of a break from SRK after the tourney. Could you close and redo the thread for me?

DAMNIT can you change it to the following weekend just once? Just 1 time can you put it 3 or 5 weekends away instead of exactly 4. I understand evo east is coming but geez.

It’s really b/c of Evo east… sorry. 2 weeks before is perfect… one is not so good.

June event will be 5 weeks away, I promise.

“<3” Next C3 Robin…me and you buttsex0rz lmao.

Random. :lol:

Pho Match! Its On Again Fucker I Want My Pho

Let’s do it. I’ll even use my scrubby ass SA3 a match or two.

DevilJin got owned by 2nd post.

I’ll run CvS2 again. If people show up on time we can do round robin. People came too late for that on Saturday :sad:

Is Eric Kim v. BChan happening?

I want vids. Maybe I’ll actually practice for next C3 CVS2. Maybe. Probably won’t.

Practice or not, you’ll still get owned.

Pretty much. Long as I can beat B Chan. :lol:

shit… i was goona practice at CVS2 also.

Remember the bar that the CVS2 players set. You must be better then Bchan to even shoot for doing well lol. I cant stop laughing about it.

Ill enter in ST also if David or someone runs that again


I will be up for running 3rd brackets again I actually enjoyed running them with grant.

Whatever. Eric V is beast.

No, im not saying he aint cool, hes funny and hypes all sorts of shit.

I just think it was lame of him not to show. Especially cause people were expecting him. Im sure he will be at Evo Wrold or East. Meh.:wonder: