5/12 C3's Malicious May Tournament. 3S, ST, GGXX/, CvS2, T5DR, SSBM... EVO EAST PREP!


What’s the big deal?

LOL. Well I was referring more so to the idea that I beat Eric V at Braeburn in CVS2 so using me as a bar would be well…wrong cuz he should have beat me.

Yeah…might as well use me I’m horrible.

What are they gonna do…tell their parents on you? Oooooh. :lol:

You JUST turned 21, youngster.

Most smashers are between 16-21. Not exactly kids.

Yeah man, you know it. Everyone play ST!

My last final is on the 9th, so I’ll stick around for a few days after.

They’re all kids to me. I need to feel older than somebody. :lol:

ST sounds good. Gonna work on some more monster tricks.

hulk smash???

Oh no =(

My sister has got me in a choke slam, might not be able to make this one.

This is gonna suck balls if I miss this, fuck.

And I started in smash, I can teach anyone who is interested.

although… I got out long ago, smash scene is strong but the game isn’t as fun as it looks high level

SMASHing pumpkins???

wow! DJ taking a break from SRK. The world is gonna end:wow: GS MOD you took the 1st post from him.muahahahahah

looking foward to tossing kikin and pat in both games:tup:

I’ll be running SF3 teams with Mdphil if he comes 3 man teams 5 bucks each person:tup:

I’m beting on the underdogs.

Pat you gonna be here bye next c3 or not?Since we did for you a farewell dinner at ihop!

I also like the cave.Keeps us away from them gg people and the smash freaking kids.The projector:tdown:

I’ll be there early havoc.I gonna request to work early:tup:

even though i should study for APs that weekend, im gonna be there, just for 3S teams if nothing else

You don’t have to study for AP’s. If you don’t already have it down, last minute studying isn’t gonna do anything.

yeah, im there.

its more like…last minute learn all the shit in bio i slept through all year…which is everything :slight_smile:

i take ap bio too. terrible idea.

unless you plan on getting a 4 on the exam, it really won’t matter since you’re most likely gonna retake it when you get to college. Almost everyone does.

HEY******5 vs 5******in all 3 games round robin style maryland vs virginia
Next PRe C3 tourny that I will be hosting…5 dollars a head bring ur own alcohol…kk

Oh yeah and the ghetto!?!?!?!?

You mean the same 5 players stay for every game?

All 3 games meaning CvS2, 3S, ST right?

I mean, since those had more turnout than marvel last tourney.

tossing??? like our salads??? or what were u thinking??? jesus at least add a no homo.