5/13 CvS2 & T5 - Philly Paddle Weeky Results

CvS2 - 7 People

1st - Josh Wong (A Sak/Bison/Blanka2)
2nd - Julian Robinson (K Eagle/Vega/Sagat2)
3rd - Alex Anderson (C Vega/Cammy/Sagat2)
4th - Bryheem Keyes (C Honda/Sagat/Blanka2)
5th - Damian Eklund (A Hibiki/Cammy/Bison2)
5th - Som D (A Blanka/Sak/Bison2)
7th - Roger Myung (A Chun/Blanka/Bison2)

T5 - 12 People

1st - Josh Wong (Mokujin, Raven)
2nd - Matt Praul (Mokujin, Marduk, Lee)
3rd - Julian Robinson (Marduk, Feng)
4th - Josh Goldberg (King, Steve)
5th - Brandon DeShields (Steve)
5th - Justin Sheppard (Christie, Steve, Asuka)
7th - Alex Anderson (Jack5, Wang)
7th - Roger Myung (Roger)
9th - Som D (Julia, Heihachi)
9th - Damian Eklund (Steve)
9th - Hooni (Kazuya, Law)
9th - Steve Sheppard (Ganryu)

i might be wrong about some placings in T5 cuz i dont got the brackets anymore.

paddle weeklies are the shit, thanks for havin us Som your place kicks ass. if you guys keep doin em id keep tryin to come through

heem was too busy listing impossible situations to enter t5…

he gets so much joy out of putting people through impossible odds just to watch them win and get screwed over. and bum hunter WTF. hes too good.

wheres the next paddle weekly going to be at?

after ecc ill try to see if I can come through.

i tried to look up bumhunter last night, it’s the same guys that do bumfights which is a little too morbid for my tastes. for real though i thought i was gonna lose it when i was tryin to play and bryheem kept talkin about that shit man is too funny