5/13 DC Montly @ C3 Cyberclub Results

Well, since Robin has neglected to make one of these for FOUR days, I’ll show basic results.

3s Singles (14 people):

  1. Exodus (Yun/Yang)
  2. Eric K. (Makoto)
  3. 10x (Ken)
  4. Devil Jin (Ibuki)

Guilty Gear XX Slash Singles (i think 12 people):

  1. Gwyrgyn Blood (Potempkin)
  2. Shazay (Slayer)
  3. ABA Adam (A.B.A.)
  4. Mr. Mamation (Ky)

Smash Singles:

1st- Oro
2nd- Kirbster
3rd- Meep
4th Tope

Smash Teams:

2nd- Angry Toaster Bridgade
3rd- 4649
4th- Wii


Overall, it was an excellent touney. Viva la C3! Even though the tournament got off to a late start, the tournaments were very fun. I’m sure Robin appreciates everyone who showed up, even though there were so many tournies this month. I look foward to seeing everybody next month!

edit: wtf is gwyrgyn blood?

Yeah you spelled my name wrong, but everyone does.

Also, Mr.Mamation got 4th in GG and he was playing Ky, not Bridget. The only bridget I know of was Masaka and he didn’t make it into the finals.

Oh shii, thanks for teh correction.

Yeah…I was expectin Robin to post them at some point. :confused:

Oh well. The tourney was pretty cool. Not as big of a turnout as last time but…that allowed more room to move around (and more seats to sit in) so it was all good. The top dawgs like Exodus and Eric Kim were there so it’s all good.

10x, you coming to X30 in Rockville on Sunday? Be cool to see you there.

Sorry about being slack you guys, I didn’t get on the internets until at least tuesday. Anyway…

1st- Oro
2nd- Kirbster
3rd- Meep
4th Tope

Smash Teams
2nd- Angry Toaster Bridgade
3rd- 4649
4th- Wii

MvC2 and CvS2 were cancelled to lack of interest.


1st Oro
2nd Renegade
3rd Tope
4th Moose

How many ppl entered smash?

GGs everyone, cool to see new faces playing Guilty Gear :stuck_out_tongue:

19 singles 9 teams

**WOW,once again CvS was cancelled. Thats a surprise, tho, no MvC? **

It seems like MvC2 and CvS2 have all but died in MD, I wonder what’s up with that.

Also you STILL spelled my name wrong. ;p

Well, just make sure you keep the good internets away from the bad internets. We don’t need those internets with all that spam and all those viruses on our good internets. I think what we need to do is logically seperate the different internets and…

Yeah. I’ll be good to be home, dude. 30 days! 30 days and ya’ll can kick my ass again!

By the way: Did you guys get octagonal gates with your sticks? The square gate in mine is getting annoying and I don’t have the original box… I’m hoping it’s sitting at my place in NC. If not I’ll have to order one before I get back.

Faight, don’t you play Naruto 4?

If you come to one of these C3’s let me know and I’ll bring my setup.