5/13 NOVA 3S, GGXX/, MvC2, CvS2, SSBM

5/13 Northern VA Monthly

Tourney Location:
C3CyberClub 571-323-1091
46950 Community Plaza - Suite 201A
Sterling, VA 20164

(HINT TO FINDING THE PLACE: It’s in a shopping center off Rt 7 with a Chik-Fil A, Shoppers, and EB games in it. It’s behind wendy’s.

Time: Most games will start at 4pm. (i know some people want it earlier, but I have no say in this. I will try to get things running quicker this time, and no let in singles players at 6pm).

MvC2 and CvS2 may start a littler later. but shoot for 4.


MvC2: DC
3S: PS2
SSBM: Game Cube (Singles+Pairs)
CvS2: PS2

The last sterling tourney was great guys, so we’re really excited about the next one!

Some systems and games are needed: I only have 2 GC’s with SSBM, Just give me a shout if you can bring a GC + game.

SSBM is bring your own controller. Most people did last time, so it’s just a reminder.

If you have GGXX Slash, and a modded PS2, and show up to the tourney so we can use it. I will give you 5 dollars. On the spot. This is up to 4 systems, and it’s first come first serve. I’m going to try to get a copy of the game myself and get swap discs, But I’m really retarded about that so it doesn’t work.

TV’s that are availible…
two 50 inch big screen TV’s
four 27 inch Flatscreen TV’s
four 20 inch flatscreens TV’s
Plenty of Monitors for MvC2.

All games will be round robin pools to qualify/be seeded into the main double elim bracket. The pools will be smaller in this next tourney. I’m aiming for pools of 4 or 5 where 2 will advance.

SSBM will be use the round robin pool system as well. Unless you guys were a fan of the swiss system… which only I seem to understand.

Exact #'s of final qualifying bracket and the size of the pools will be determined by # of entrants.

Tourney Fees:

Tourney entrance fee: 10$

Venue Fee: 5$

All matches will be 2of3, save Grand Finals, which will be 3 of 5. Standard Rules for all games.

Payout per tourney:

<10 entrants 66/33
10-20 entrants: 58/28/14
over 20 entrants 53/26/14/7
over 50 entrants 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125/3.125

OK, I have to make it to this one. No excuses this time

Yeah, too bad you couldn’t make it to the last one. It was hella fun and I almost made top 8 in 3rd Strike. Just like always. Ibuki’s gotta learn to deal with people’s half decent Kens and Genei Yun’s.

Great. This shit is on my day off. That means no worrying about rushing to the tournament right after work (although my boy Charles is doing another tournament a week before that I also wanna go to) so I’m definitely planning to hit up this one. I was hoping it would fall on my day off. :tup:

Oh and did somebody say SLASH?!! Oh and good to hear CVS2’s making another tourney appearance. I suck at the game but I really like it too. Different pace from the craziness of 3S and GG.

iight, CvS2 betta have ppl signed up for it this time. Whats this I hear about 40 niggas for Smash? Where the hell did they come from? Do I gotta call out the Red Link?

I gotta be honest, I’m not too thrilled about the $10 tourney entrance fee. I randomly decided to pull out money on the way to yesterday’s tournament just because Eric had to, and it’s a good thing I did; for some reason I didn’t realize it would cost $25 to enter two games.

Congrats to me for living up to at least two stereotypes, but my Jewish heritage and current role as a guy who pays $50,000 per year to attend grad school have conspired to make me dislike spending lots of dough. At least I also live up to the Jewish stereotype about having a big dick, you know, cause I have a big dick.

I won’t be around for this tournament anyway though, my finals are the same week.

Yeah, I didn’t realize the fees were that expensive until I got there. I don’t know what they’re funding but I’m guessing it goes towards the free Red Bull. Which…free Red Bull is enough for me to show up anywhere. :lol:

Oh and I think it was your Bawls I dropped at the tournament on Saturday. :tup:

:rofl: Huhuhuhu, he said bawls

:power moves:

I’ll be there to rock Slash and 3s.

I can also bring a GCN with Smash.

Keep in mind we’ve got this other tournament we had up first on the 6th:


The dum-dum who posted the thread forgot to put the location/date in the title. :confused:

I’m pretty sure all of DLoop is going to the tournament on the 6th, so if you are going for Slash you might consider that one. We will try to make both tournaments though.

I understand there is a tourney posted on the 6th. The owner of C3 called me today and wanted to do our monthly on the 6th, but I advised him not to b/c of the Anime FX tourney. I did not want the multiple tourneys on the same day again.

The last tourney at Anime FX, from what i’ve heard, was a bad experience. No organization, not enough equipment, and the owners were asses to some players. I’d like to hear what is going to be done different by the new organizer. I hope things work themselves out.

As far as C3, I think after the 4/08 tourney that many players like going there. We had space, enough equipment, and a well organized tournament.

I’m not sure how well the MD/DC/NOVA area can handle multiple “montlies” all the time. You’re really talking about player pools of 15-30 players in certain games.

we’ll see. The last thing we want is player apathy. I hope all of Dust Loop can make it to both tournements.


Last tournament was ‘run’ by Jinmaster I guess, but he didn’t even show up. This tournament will be run by a few people who will do a good job, myself included. We’ll see how things go though.

sorry robin, i dont believe ill be in town for this tourney. ill be in town for the one on the 6th but i dont really wanna go to that one. last one at the anime fx place, i heard was horrible.

I will come this time, the money I will win in cvs2 will go to poker chips:tup: .

It was also the owner’s first tourney, so u gotta cut him some slack. He didnt kno what he was getin himself into. U kno…guys like US!

Yeah, Jinmaster’s tourney would have been better if he actually showed up. He had some of his disciples run it for him though so it wasn’t a total mess. The people running the store were all extra strict though. Requiring ID to get in and stuff…I was expecting a mini fridge with Heineken and Smirnoff in the back or something. Plus, the T5 DR tournament was hard to participate in cuz it required you to run upstairs just to get to the arcade where it was being played. So it was either compete in the 2d games/DOA4 or compete in DR. There’s no way anyone would be stupid enough to run up and down for both. I would have competed in DR if the arcade was at least nearby on the same floor. It was bad enough running between GG and 3S in the same store!

This time though the tournament is being run by a whole new crew of people including my boy Burning Fist/Charles. He’ll definitely keep the tourney running smooth. :tup:

c3 or bust

shits > Anime FX

Deleware will be there. Well, the crappy part of DE anyway…

And yeah, we know where the place is now, so we’ll be on time.

this is David, could you call my cell phone 571-274-1060. i need to talk to you