5/14 MVC2 @ The Break Results!

Hey, 12 people, thanks to Org for coming out.

“If I lost to low tier I’d be pissed too” - Org after Ed threw the money at him

damn diss :open_mouth:

Funny thing was Org’s launch into 5 resets while they’re still in the air combo with storm

  1. Org - Mag/Sent/War Machine, Spiral/Iceman/Cyclops
  2. Ed - MS^2, Mag/Cable/Sent
  3. Trent - MSP
  4. Chokesyde Phil - Mag/Storm/Sent
  5. Alex Monin - Omega Red/Gambit/Venom, Sent/Strider/Doom
  6. Jay - Felicia/BB Hood/Sentinal

Next week MVC2 or 3S or CVS2 I’ll decide soon

good job phil, you really fucked em up

Oh it’s not Darksyde Phil, it’s Blacksyde Phil aka Chokesyde Phil aka Goodbye

doesn’t matter, phil is so good he doesn’t even have to be at tournies to fuck people up

he’s top 5 in the galaxy

good shit trent, blocking is so :lame:

Low Tier Fun Huh Rahsaan…Imma tell Pat and Duane about this…Lolz Funny good shit…Where is this The Break (NJ?) Oh yeah…I will be Leaving NO to my New Home In NJ on June 14 Rahsaan so be ready to see me and I will be calling you soon with numbers so you can reach me k…Laterz…

AKA Bay 6

good shit, but the break needs to do something about an air conditioner.

Mag-X is movin to jerz?WERD!

What part of Jersey?


Oh Lolz…Sorry ( Ie ) No No I meant CT…I would love to move there but I meant to say CT But its still not that far from NJ so I will be coming to you guys tourneys all the time…Lolz
I cant wait…Will some of you guys show me around when I get up there on the East coast?