5/16/03 Cf Cvs 2 Results!


1st.(tied) Arturo Sanchez/Jeron Grayson
3rd. Rugal b
4th. Skisonic
5th. Liston
5th. Bernard

Notes:This was pretty good turnout for a late night
tourny.Baltimore showed up on the scene.It was good to see them.Tourny stated around 10pm or so and ended around 12:30.
This was pretty good pre tourny practice,especially for me.I played with my hand wrap and played better than I expected.
EVERYONE was at cf yesterday and that was a good thing,good shit to all the players in the tourney and I’ll check you guys next week at E.C.C!!


~Born to Play~

Good work Jeron. We will need you in top shape for ECC8. Until then.