5/17 CVS2 Results from UP and FREE GGXX

First off I want to apologize to Kid for coming up here and then having the tournament be cancel. I’m really sorry about that one.

Now for the results

1st Josh
2nd Mike B
3rd Som
4th Eric
5th Damian
5th Roger
7th Jason
7th Ryan

If your wondering how the tournament got cancelled and there are still results, It completely legit but I’ll let Damian explain it.

This Wednesday GGXX will be one Free Play

I’m trying to get a different game on Free Play every Wednesday so that people can learn new games, especially people who don’t know how to play. Hopefully this test run on Guilty Gear XX will go well. Right now Bill is covering it, but I said I would come out of my pocket for the free play Wednesdays if necessary so at least be grateful.

I need Philly GGXX players to come out though to show people how to play. I don’t want this to be button masher central for a day. I’m printing out full move lists for every character and I want to encourage people to ask good players questions if they don’t know how to play.

There are only two rules for all of the good players if you want to keep this up.

  1. Be Helpful
  2. DON’T RAPE SCRUBS FOR FUN, at least attempt to show them how to play.

K groove breaks every rule I learned about cvs2 matchups…

  1. Damian you never explained how there was a tournament after it was canceled

  2. The first rule of K grove club is that you don’t talk about K groove club
    The second rule of K groove club is that K anyone owns Hibiki for free.

3 I finally got approval for the UP shirt I designed

  1. Guillty Gear is FREE all day today.
  1. no one signed up in advance so your panties got ruffled and shit got canceled… later after casual got stale I rallied up the cvs2 players that stayed(including one from maryland) and pulled some tourney magic…

  2. k groove is broken, and ricky is going to ecc8 so fuck wasting my entry fee… maybe ecc9…

3: you should give them away for 2nd or 3rd place

4: whatever I play that shit once a month and own you

no one has love for K anymore - it’s best groove ever :smiley: