5/2-SF4 Comic Odyssey Tourney Take II


This will be the 2nd tourney hosted by CO (comic odyssey…)
There was a good turn out last Saturday but it could of been a lot better!
Since im not throwing a big tourney Friday people should be able to go to this one.

Comic Odyssey
3400 E 8th St # 106
National City, CA 91950
(619) 479-0965

Saturday (5/2)
Time: Im taking sign ups around 4 o clock
and try to get the tourney started around 430-5

7 bucks entrance
Winner gets 5 of every 7
House gets 2 towards electricity(

This will be capped off at 32 people so 1st come 1st serve

I know that the big fight is this day
So I myself will bring a TV and ps3 to speed up the process.
If we get 3 tvs/counsels going im sure we can have a pretty smooth tourney.

  1. Cody- PS3/ TV
  2. Comic Odyssey- PS3/ TV
  3. ???


Ive never been to one of your tournaments so i’m just making sure it’s the standard.

Double elim 2/3
finals (maybe higher)
and so on correct?

If so please sign me up.

will there be any casuals of any other game namely cvs2?


2 tvs this time? you think we’ll be done by 7? gotta watch the pacquiao vs hatton fight.


if we have 2-3 tvs yes we will be done by 7


Sounds cool! Will this be console characters too or just arcade characters?


Calm Warrior, you shall lose




yo cody, i can bring a ps3 but no tv.