5/20 MVC2 @ The Break Results!


Thanks to CT and NY for coming out, Jersey where you at? =(

16 people

  1. Desmond - Sent/Cable/CC
  2. Shawn Morgan - MS^2
  3. Josh Wigfall - MS^2, MSP
  4. David Luu - Blackheart/Cable/CC, Storm/Cable/CC
  5. Ed - Mag/Cable/Sent, MS^2
  6. DSP - Storm/Sent/CC or Cyclops
  7. Robert Sigley - Jill/Strider/Doom, MSP
  8. The Unstepable - MSCommando
  9. Jay - BB Hood/Felicia/Sent
  10. Cell - Mag/IM/Sent
  11. Blacksyde Phil - MS^2
  12. Matrix - Mag/Storm/Cyclops
  13. Jay T. - MSP
  14. Phi - Scrub
  15. ?
  16. ?

Next week is MVC2 and maybe side CVS2, it’s the last weekly before ECC and people usually fly in early and check out the tournament - so if you wanna check out the competition before ECC be sure to get there early!


Lesson learned: CvS2 gets no love outside of tourneys.

Oh well, still got to play some UMK3 and ST.


After you left (if you were semi tall guy with beard/shaggy haircut) there was about 5 people rotating on CVS2 from like 10:30 til close =(

I woulda played but I had to run the tourney


Wtf is MS^2?


mag storm sent



Wearing a red jacket? Yeah, that was probably me.

Ouch. At least I got home at a decent time. So new lesson learned: Stick around for the after party.


Hmm you play umk3… Then I challenge you :lol: Yeah enter my tourny at ecc9 it’s Saturday @ 8pm in umk3. $5 entry fee double elimination. I’ll play you before then too since I need practice before the tourny, but it’s rare to get any comp in umk3.


Good shit Desmond


It was great to make it to this weekly and see so many of the familiar faces. I wish I could have made it to these things more often over the past few years. It was really a learning experience. Good shit to everyone, I had a lot of good matches.

I used most of my time trying out new teams on the small cabinet against different top players, and I used the tournament itself as an outlet to try my former good teams (Santhrax and variations) to see how good they stand up against the competition today. Seems that most people have gotten used to my Santhrax. Not a good sign. Or maybe it is…

I’m very, very glad I went to this weekly, and I’m very glad I didn’t announce that CT was going to show up. I don’t really think anyone understood our reasons were for being there. But you’ll all understand next week, I think.

At ECC this year, it’s finally going to happen. There are many of those that oppose us…

…but by the end of ECC, you will learn to respect us. You’ve dug your own graves for long enough. We are finally unified, and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop us. All of the years that we put up with disrespect, the pain of not being recognized, of choking in tournaments, has only motivated us more.




Nice job getting 2nd Shawn.


cool that ct came out this week. i would’ve chilled more, but i had to still prepare my house a bit more for next week -_-

oh, you were that guy?

i was the asian guy who was testing out the umk cabinet. :smiley:

actually the thing that happened with cvs2 is that it got switched out a week or so before for ggxx, but then when it got switched back in, they had the default settings.
i changed the settings and set it back to a quarter before i left, so the locals’ll start playing again. usually the cab’s going all night.


hope to see everyone next week. quite a few people are going to be making it for the thursday tourney, including floe, jmar, etc

it’s free entry, with cash prizes… and (like rob said) you get a feel for the comp…

definitely only a taste of things to come

btw, good shyt shawn, reppin joisee!!


It’s 2 u’s (Luu)! :lol:


Mayb next time i wont choke in the finals…i mean i did fine in the first set 4-2 …but in the 2nd set X’s sentinaaal was too good…shittin on me 4-0…good seeing josh, X, and my lover matrix…holla front jerz


that does it, this almost always happens when you’re in finals. next time, you’re getting a 15-30 minute break between sets.




face to the foot style eh


I don’t really wanna like diss you Phil since being white we have to unify I’m tired of this white on white hate, but you won one match in the tournament and it was over me who doesn’t even play this game cept to help fill out the bracket (and you got a bye since your first round opponent disappeared). I think David Luu is 10x better than you. That’s about it.


blah blah blah nice job being humiliated after talking so much shit, i woudlnt be surprised if rob’s fun team beat u anyways, since u suck so much


what is “CT”? :eek:


X is a felony walkin out the front door…

ct = connecticut