5/21/2005 FFA E3 3on3 3s Tourney Vids

These vids were from this past Saturday’s E3 3on3 3s tournament

There were some audio problems on the first video
Jeremiah/ Joe Dubbs/ Arlieth vs Jaosn Cole/ DASH of the R.U.N Dynasty/ SEX TARO INOUE !!!

Pighadoken/ Arnel/ Mt.Sackid vs. Mike Z/ Doug/ Adolfo Luevano

Much more to come! :tup:

Rashai !!! :karate:

Thanks a lot Shogo, glad to see you uploaded some videos, had to leave early so I guess this is the next best thing to being there.


after the audio came back in the first video that was some funny shit even though i didn’t know what 5 star was talking about lol. “he’s looking for a quarter he pulled out a condom”

oops sorry for the mixup :sweat:

wasn’t me. rockefeller said that. sextaro is an international ladies man

great vids and awesome commentary rock/5ive :]

5 star’s: “Oh my God!” I heard it in Victoly’s retirement video, I heard it in the FFA test video, and now in this.

Maybe I should check my old vids like the US vs Japan 3s vids, I think I might have heard it in them as well.


It has been my experience that all of the real funny commentary on 3rd Strike vids is done by the good Dr.

“Fuck it, I’m close enough.”

one more time, the vids don’t work for me!!! maybe it’s for the firewall at my office!!

Nice vids and nice commentary, thx shogo.

More Vids from the Arcade Huggers

3on3 Madness!

Paulee - Watson - Hung B. vs. Edma - Buktooth - Flash G.

Pyrolee - Victoly - 5 Star vs. Cole - DASH - Sex I.

Paulee - Watson - Hung B vs. Cole - DASH - Sex I

The Chin Dynasty (Matt & Eric Chin) & Iron Fist vs. Jeremiah - JOE DUBBS!!! - Arlieth

More to come! :tup:


the link dont work 4 me!! it’s goes to de “shogo’s page” and nothing happen!!!

Try to cutpaste the links into a download manager, i use DAP and it works perfect, they just took a little long to start downloading.

Thanks again for the vids!

what was up with the other mic? couldn’t really hear the other commentator sometimes =\

Ya later on the other mic had problems…it was a pretty shitty mic too…so Ima look into headsets for the next tourney

i think i met pighadoken at ECC. Does he use CvS2 p groove? i heard parrying coming from the cvs2 machine and i was eager to look but there was no room because all those black guys are 8 feet tall

<3 5star