5/22 marvel results@ SVGL


1st Alex(chunkstizzle)-Santhrax
2nd RIcky ORtiz- MSP, matrix

THe Grand finals was a sweep by Alex against ortiz in best of 5.


-Matt beating Ricky with War/Cable/Doom and sending him to losers.
-Chunksta OCV’ing Ricky 2 times in the finals. Some people say he did OCV Ricky 3 times in the finals.
-nEEEzy using MSP



Damn, Alex punish-fucked everyone. Did he lose a single round?

EDIT: Was 2nd place the guy who played Chang? He put me into loser’s and his Chang was getting OCV’s. Good work sir.

Also, countdown to someone asking for teams.




Pink P-Chang is the new Eddie


Ya that was sick tourney! had hella fun.Mad props for jon B. beatin Van and takin P-groove to the top two

the biggest highlight was hands down Alex “aka” KINGKONG I BEAT TOP PLAYERS WITH ONE HAND AND A BLINDFOLD RICKY KILLAH! sweaping the finals in a bassically combo video.And you thought about quitting!BIATCH!.. THIS IS ALL WE GOT!!

BIg upset was Jon B. letting ricky beat him, we all just felt bad for that mvc2 incedent, I know where you commin from.


Madd props to the Chunksta he’s my homie…and a hella ku person and player…he deserves the win!!!

And another shot out to my old training buddy Jon B. good shit…just kill that nigga u already got Choi under your belt…dont stop there. And cant hate on Van H. either good shit…even though I own him!!! hahahaha…damn im missing out on all the tourney come ups…fuckin work kills the game time…but its all G, u know I stay in the lab always…Peace to all of SVGL playaz…Oliver,Art,CommonKnowledge,Chunksta,Alex,everyone!!!





thanx for the mad props magus, pclanadmin2, Dr. B, Matt, and others when i was in the tourney. Dope tourney by the way, hella people showed up for 3S, and CvS2 tho:eek: :cool: Anyway, thanx guys:D :cool:



what teams were used in cvs2?



1st Ricky (C-Groove Maki/Ken/Sagat, K-Groove Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)

2nd Jon “noodleculture” (P-Groove Chang/Cammy/Sagat)

3rd Van (C-Groove Guile/Chun Li/Sagat, A-Groove Chun Li/Balrog/???)

4th Ian “S cLuBBeR” (C-Groove Ryu/Ken/Sagat)

5th Danny “dnut” (C-Groove Ryu or Guile/Blanka/Sagat)

5th Keith “ilkeitlh” (C-Groove or K-Groove Maki/Blanka/Sagat)

I can’t remember any of the results and teams after that.


-Ricky and Van met in winners finals
-Ricky sent Van to losers
-Van and Jon B. in losers finals
-Jon B. beats Van in losers finals
-Ricky beats Jon B. in grand finals


I believe Van’s 3rd in his A-groove team was Vega. A-Vega Chun Balrog I think.


Matt, Chunk lost 1 round to the nEEEzy the normal jumpin, but really meant to super jump Sentinel. =P

Sticks were mad iffy that day. ErrRrrbudy was beaching about 'em. =\


Good job alex, i gotta see the skills at evo :smiley: .


Good job Alex…


This just in: a picture of Ricky congratulating Alex on his victory



guess you people don’t like ricky too much, either way random online hating is pretty wack

when someone wins, someone wins
no need to rip on the guy who got 2nd…

LoL ian, yer the first person i can remember who’s actually tried to type in my handle as opposed to just my name
yer tops :smiley:
ggs at the tourney



You and your C-Groove Blanka tricks totally threw me off guard. GGs to you too and hope to face you again sometime soon.


And I guess Ricky doesn’t like Chunk much either…

No need to go to the guy who got 1st place and call him a bitch and scrub and want to play him for money match afther 'cause he straight up lost, as well.

Random hating 'cause you lost is pretty wack.

I also have no beef with Ricky or anything, just sticking up for my friend. =] Hugz


dope shit alex aka chunkstizzle on beastin ricky… =]

mad props…

when u comin to az again? (thirsty for new blood)