5/22 SoCal 84 man tourney

Yeah, well results from there 84 man tourney. Man everyone was talkin this or that about how they were gonna be there and whatever, but when the day came there were MAD no-shows, but those of us who were there went ahead and played anyways. We ran an ST tourney at the last minute cuz it was in demand.



  1. AudioProject (MSP, MSS-a))
  2. Sir Phobos (SSx teams)
    3-84) No show


1)Sir Phobos (Ken/Sean)
2)AudioProject (Ken)
3-84) No show


  1. Sir Phobos (A-Blanka/Sak/Bison)
  2. AudioProject (N-Ryu/Ken/Sagat)
    3-84) No show

ST (110 entrants)

1)Sir Phobos (T-Hawk) <–this guy’s a beast
2) AudioProject (Ryu)
3-110) No show

Anyways the competition was stiff this year, and the anticipation of seeing who my next opponent would be was almost more than I could handle. GG’s to everyone I played.

See you next year!

Oh, and I’d like to give a big GTFO to the tourney organizers cuz those brackets were so rigged it wasn’t even funny. And to those foolz who said I was throwin my matches to Phobos in the CvS2 finals GTFO too, this dude is a competitor and in the end I gave it my all.

Great tourney! Jeremy, you got me this time in Marvel, but I paid you back in all the other games, haha. GGs to everyone, but I’m not gonna lie, AudioProject was the only person I had to play for real against. Everyone else basically got bitchslapped.

AND ABOUT THE BRACKETS: I’m not gonna mention any names, but next time, non-rigged brackets would be just peachy.

HIGHER PHOBOSSSssssssssssssss

hahahaha 240+ view.

hahahahaha nice

good shit og KAS

You know how we do.