5/25 MVC2/CVS2 @ The Break (day before ECC)

$5 entry, pay to play, 70/20/10, 8pm, be there

What time?


sorry im still half asleep.



and no 3s? :)…


The last one I came to was hot, so we might come to this one as well.

actually all the machines are the break are broken buttons or controllers so forget it, i don’t want to get them fixed

just come for casual instead

Queens and the DIPS(Potter,Jal, Bill) will be in the buiding for this.

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Hmm, in that case I’ll really try to get everyone to show. Bryheem has off, so I know he’ll be up for this. But I’m not sure is my friend will drive up there on thursday since he’s already going on friday. We’re getting a room friday anyways, hmm… I’ll see what I can do.

Didn’t Rsigley say the buttons and stuff are broke anyway? Well, maybe not that bad for casual.

Damn that might really suck. I would come up on Thursday to install all the new controls, but I honestly don’t have enough money for the hotel, plus I need somebody to help me move all the stuff (namely 3tvs) into my car, so the best I can do is early Friday. Sorry guys :frowning:

just spend the night in my hotel room, u can sleep on the floor but god damn yo just come early and fix the buttons i dont mind bringin u an airmatress or w/e. hit me up on aim DSP: K1NGKH4NG

i’d like to help.

That’s wassup. I hope he does this, so he can install the new sticks and buttons.

Ok here’s the deal.

I’m going to come on Thursday afternoon with Tony Barnage from CT. Hopefully Josh will be able to convince Chris Cotty to have the tech there Thursday afternoon to install all the new controls.

The only issue I foresee, is that we weren’t planning on having all the Marvel boards there Thursday (Preppy is bringing one and I don’t think he’ll be there til Friday, Phi is bringing one and I dunno if he’ll be there, etc.). So at the very least, we may have to make due with only 1-2 MvC2 cabinets. Of course, we can always play on Dreamcast somewhere.

HOWEVER, as I said I don’t have extra money to spend Thursday night at a hotel, so somebody in the area is either gonna have to let me and Tony split a room or give us somewhere to crash. If anyone can do that, please let me know.

VietKhan, I’ll IM you and see whats up.

alrght how about this

i’ll come on thursday, so will phi

he’ll install the sticks cause i’ll make him, i’ll do the buttons

he’ll install his mvc2, tournament will start at 8pm for both games, someone else run them and we’ll fix the machines

Sounds good. I’ll be there to run them.

Im gonna be in NY on this day =O But unfortunately, im gonna be arriving in the JFK airport at around 10:00 pm =/ Good luck to all competitors =] Peace


If i’m there i’ll help run cvs2.

Just make sure my roundhouse button works so I can properly mash smalljumping cbs since thats all I can do without a ps2 controller :frowning:

Anyone not good want a break steak match to break in the controlls?

A little team effort never hurt anybody!

So what time should I show up then?

And Zaelar, to my knowledge the CvS2 machine’s controls won’t be replaced, because I bought just enough perfect 360s/buttons for the four MvC2 machines for ECC, and enough switch sticks/buttons for the two ST machines. Apparently the CvS2 board can’t be removed, or something silly like that, so we can’t use that particular cabinet for MvC2…hence, controls aren’t going to be fixed. I’m not going to make Phi install stuff in that cabinet just for one night…

BUT if there’s room I could always bring in my monitor and hook up a PS2/vga box to it…don’t know if we want to go that all out just for practice on Thursday night though.

Its unlikely that I will make this, I forgot I had work that night. If I did go i’d likely have to leave early.