5/25 MVC2/CVS2 @ The Break (day before ECC)

whats really good?

Yea apparently the CvS2 board is like forever stuck to that machine with GAME OVER from X-Men Vs. Street fighter burned into the monitor lol.

But I’ll talk to Phi… i’m sure he has something lying around that can be installed on the cvs2 cabinet.


cvs2 is an arcade tournament no console

losers will probably be 1 match depending on turn out

I can’t imagine how a game board is “permanently stuck” to a cabinet, it’s all plug-and-play, and if the key to the cab is lost just break it open. Seriously, for the amount of money you could probably get just selling the board, I would bust that piece of crap open and sell it rather than keep it in that shitty cab.

Me and Power-Dn from Houston will be there for the tourney!

The Machine Soldier will be there…

It’s a workable machine… I dunno ask phi he’s the one who told me. He just said he can’t get the board out for some reason.


I’ll be there tomorrow.

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