5/26, DBQ BBQ 3 (Dubuque, Iowa) 3S,GGXX/,TTT,CVS2,3S 2v2


Figured I’d post this and see if I could get any out of state competition to show up. As stated below, anyone not from the Dubuque area that wins a tourney (other than the 2v2) gets a $20 pot bonus. Hoping some of you from the closer cities feel like showing up for this.

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Saturday, May 26th, 1:00 p.m.
Comic World (2255 JFK, Dubuque, Iowa, 52001)

The tourneys will be (two at a time, in order of when we’re running them):
– Tekken Tag Tournament ($3)
– Capcom vs SNK 2 ($3)
– Guilty Gear XX Slash ($5)
– 3rd Strike 2v2 ($1 per person, winning team takes all)
– 3rd Strike ($5, $20 bonus to winner)

(Note that it’s $17 total for all of 'em. If you do enter all of 'em, however, cost is only $15. I’ll put the extra $2 in myself.)

Format for each tourney (all games on PS2s):
Tekken Tag Tournament
– Double-Elimination
– 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches, winner keeps characters.
– Unknown banned.
– Custom button-binding is allowed, but no macros (multiple inputs assigned to one button, like LP+LK to triangle or something) are allowed.

Capcom vs SNK 2
– Double-Elimination
– 2/3 matches, winner keeps characters and order
– You may NOT change your order during the loading screen.
– Evil Ryu, Orochi Iori, Shin Akuma, and Ultimate Rugal are banned.
– Button-binding allowed, macros aren’t.

Guilty Gear XX Slash
– Double-Elimination
– 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, winner keeps character
– Console-only characters and special versions of characters are NOT allowed.
– No macros, blah blah blah.

3rd Strike 2v2
– Double-elimination, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches (one match per person)
– You keep one character throughout the entire tourney. You may have two of the same character on your team.
– Rock-paper-scissors to see who picks order first.
– Macros and Gill are b4nn3d.

3rd Strike 1v1
– Round-Robin pools to Double-Elimination.
– 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, winner keeps character
– Macros banned, Gill banned.

Prizes for each tourney (outside 3S 2v2):

1st – 60%
2nd – 25%
3rd – 15%

Also, there’s a $20 bonus out of my pocket if anyone from outside of the Dubuque area wins any tourney aside from the 2v2 3S one. Yes, that means that 3rd Strike is worth $40 bucks more for anyone outside of the Dubuque area (and $20 more for anyone within it). With that said, I’m entering each of these due to the large amount of money that’s coming out of my pocket for this (possibility of $100 plus $2 for each person entering all the tourneys). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

bad timing… thats the same weekend as evo east

Aw, shit, didn’t even think of that. -_- Well, my purpose was to have this be a good warm-up for Evo North, but Evo East would be a MUCH better warm-up for Evo North. ^^;

I’m actually excited. It’ll be nice to hang with you guys again. Since crashing at your place is cool, I assume all-night 3S sessions are in order?

That they are. I got two TVs here, too, so we can have two setups going. Only drawback is that we can’t yell too loudly…this will sound weird, but I live in a retirement home. No, I’m not that old. Long story, I’ll explain another time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bad news is that Alex (Keela, the guy who played Ibuki) can’t make it 'cause of a wedding (not his). I should force him to come over afterward. “Hey, Alex, don’t go have sex with your girlfriend after the wedding. Play games with us instead.”

…think he’ll go for it?

What is the suspected forcast of 3s players.

Wisconsin is bringing a couple. Dubuque will probably supply four or five decent players. Couple others who used to live here are probably comin’ in from out of town. And we’ll have a few noobies to fill the pot.

On a different note, were you at Show Me Your Moves 6 (Smash tourney that also had a few PS2s up and running for 2D fighters) back in November?

Yes i was. I wasnt playin any smash though.

Yeah, figured that part. :slight_smile: I was the guy who played Twelve in 3rd Strike and had never played Melty Blood before but signed up and mashed with Ciel anyway.

Ohh yeah i remember you. Your twelve was crazy. That was my first time ever playing anyone who even remotely knew how to play him.

Hows it goin?

Other than being sick for the last two weeks, not bad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Are any of you thinking about hitting this up? I know Evo East is the same weekend so I kinda doubt it, but figured I’d ask.

You guys still play a lot of Melty Blood?

I play it in tournaments but dont really practice it. If im free and not goin to Evo East i will see.

I’m fairly sure I’ll be there with the WI 3S crew.

I may even play 3S. I suck at that game, though.

Well, its looking bad for me goign to evo east. I might be able to come to this.

Im just hoping there are some decent 3s numbahs.

Id play everygame for the hell of it as well.

In the mean time…anyone wanna team up hehe?

If I had to guess how many would enter 3S, it’d be between 12 and 18. To help with the fact that people will be paying for fuel ('cause fuel is, like, 38 dollars per ounce right now), I might do some money matches with shitty characters or in games I blow in to help. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, Humbag, if you show up are you bringing anyone with you? And, if you show up did you need lodging for the evening? I don’t have an infinite amount of floor space, but hell I’ll sleep in the closet and give up my bed if it means more people get to show up. I can fit three in the living room, two in the bedroom, and two on my bed. And I’m short and skinny so I’ll find a random place to bunk.

And Alex (Keela) will probably show up here at my place after he’s done with his wedding. Bad news is that he won’t be in the tourney, but good news is that he’ll be up for casuals all night. It’ll be, er, “kinda” crowded if I have like 9 people for casuals here, but I’ll move crap around if I have to.

In other words, even if you guys don’t win a crapload of money on the tourneys or anything, I’ll still do everything I can to make it a good time for all of you.

the truth. did you need WI to bring anything equipment-wise? Are you definitely set with PS2s, games, etc?

We’ll be fine with TVs, I know that much. I’ll post early next week how we’ll be doing on systems and games. I need to find out who all from here can bring what.

If anyone from chi town is going lemme know…i need a ride :wink:

Is their a need for the round robin pools for the expected amount?

I dono, i guess it means more games, but i figure it wouldnt work well with small numbers?

As far as the round-robin thing goes…I’ll probably discuss it before each tourney and see if people want that or double-elim. It’s essentially the same thing (lose twice and you’re probably out), but you get to play more.

Arsenal, if you can bring a PS2 and a copy of 3S (and maybe CVS2 if you have one?), I’d be most appreciative.

Humbag…your avatar is too good. You decide if you’re showin’ up or not?