5/27 mvc2/cvs2 @ the break results




  1. desmond
  2. jmar
  3. shawn morgan
  4. josh wigfall

more people about 30 in total.
winner finals was 3-2 jmar over shawn
loser finals 2-1 desmond over shawn
not sure about grand finals

cvs2 king of the machine, not enough people so we just basically kept track of wins all night from like 6pm-1am

  1. robert sigley - 49 wins k kyo/geese/blanka
  2. ryo cho - 19 wins p cammy/geese/sagat
  3. phil - 7 wins p guile/vega/?
  4. todd dwyer and bunch of other people with 1 win.


fucking a i choked hard…good shit to jmar and X tho…awesome finals…mad props to jmar’s sent…u guys better get top 5


It’s JMar…Nigga!!!


** Good shit Desmond, Jason.**


Left early because I have to go to school @ 7:30AM… Had fun though. :smiley: .


wigfall should have won :confused:


Nice job, Desmond/Jmar/Shawn for getting top 3.


shawn put him into loser’s and des peaced him out… des was really hungry last night. i guess i’m glad i starved him :wink:

it’s ok. i got to disqualify someone. now i’m feeling a lot better going into the weekend ::evil:

thanks for posting the results rob, and congrats for winning the cvs2 tourney

5th- ed da fawkin head
5th- chris matrix
7th- shaheed (reppin joisee!!)
7th- liston

i would’ve posted but i was stuck on some random bridge for almost an hour before the holland tunnel, because there was some random accident.

anyway, last night was crazy. shawn was up 2-0, against jmar in winner’s final, and then at the end of the 3rd game, he just broke down =(
shawn man, like uh… relax and get some water or something :wink:

finals were pretty close, jmar was about to win during the first set, but des just didn’t want to lose. at 2-2, jmar was about to comeback, but they ended up getting a double ko.

…defintely a taste for things to come… see you guys tonight


that double ko was hot…and yea i know i chocked damn it…jesus h.


No more choking! You da man shawn, hold it down.:wink:


Okay, Tiesha Wigfall whatever u say.


Shawn, I told you. You best karate still inside you! Now time let out!

It okay to lose in tournament, not okay to lose to fear!!