[5.28.13] UCSB Black N Blue club, Weekly tournaments

*5/28/13 UPDATE: Just wanted to let everyone know about our FG club that meets every Tuesday. We host tournaments for various games including, UMvC3, SSF4AE, Smash Bros and Injustice. People are welcome to set up stations for casuals.

This Tuesday(5/28), we’re running a Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tounament. $5 entry fee; $1 dollar of the entry fee goes towards the club and the remaining $4 goes towards the prize pool. Tournaments are on PS3.*

The University of California - Santa Barbara fighting game club “Black N Blue” hosts a weekly casual event on Tuesday, 8:00pm - closing.

The stream will be provided by KOcast. Live stream starts at 8:00pm.

About the club: The Black N Blue fighting game club has recently started in UCSB’s Fall 2011 semester. The club was established with the intent of getting fighting game fans together, improving the Santa Barbara FG scene and prepare new players for tournament level play. So if you’re a student at UCSB, please come every Tuesday to UCSB’s Harold Frank Hall room #1132 - 1152 (2 entries, same room) from 8pm - closing.

Please ‘Like’ the UCSB BnB Facebook for updates on events and meetings.

stream link: www.twitch.tv/kocast
Twitter link: www.twitter.com/KOcastSB
UCSB BnB Facebook: www.facebook.com/UcsbBlacknBlue

Note: Just edited the thread to list the games that are being played in club.

Please RSVP if you’re interested in dropping by. :p:

I will be there:clapdos:


Sounds good I’ll be there.

I’ll be there

see you there!

Sounds good. Does it matter if you’re a student or not? Also how late is closing?

Shouldn’t really matter if your a student. Should go at least till 10 but its gone later the last couple weeks

Hope to see everyone there! If you are a UCSB student, come check the club out.

There will probably be plenty of arcade sticks, but still, BYOC

UCSB Harold Frank Hall room #1152

Stream is now live! www.twitch.tv/KOcast

If anyone is in the Santa Barbara area, come check out the club. We’re going to try to stream at the club every week.

Updated time. Not supposed to be 7AM to Midnight. Fixed it, it’s supposed to be today at 7PM, not AM.

Nov. 22 - 7PM to Nov. 23 - 12AM Midnight.

Black 'n Blue is on for tomorrow (11/29)! Stream will start at 7:30pm.

If you don’t feel like studying, come hang out with us.

Black 'n Blue is on break until UCSB Winter quarter 2012.

It’s syllabus week at UCSB. Black 'n Blue club is back. Club opens tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:00pm. Live stream will start at 8:00pm


UCSB students: Show up. I know you aren’t studying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to mix it up on the stream this week. Probably start the night with Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS on the PS3 before doing UMvC3.

Week 2 of Black 'n Blue start at 7pm on Tuesday.


Follow on Twitter for more updates: @KOcastSB

Week 3 of Black 'n Blue’s Winter 2012 quarter starts tomorrow at 7pm! 8pm for the stream.


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hi im from santa maria and im interested in maybe bringing my krew down would that be ok?