[5.28.13] UCSB Black N Blue club, Weekly tournaments

^ That’d be great! If you have equipment (monitor, system, sticks, etc.) please bring them as well :slight_smile:

Hey guys. Black n’ Blue week 4 starts tonight at 7pm. All the details are in the top post. Tonight, we’re dedicating the stream for the launch of Soul Calibur V. If there’s time and interest, we’ll have KOFXIII and Gundam Extreme Vs.

Next week, however, we’re going to attempt to do a 4 player Gundam Extreme Vs., the way the game was intended to be played.

Stream starts at 8pm on www.twitch.tv/KOcast

Really?Have a look.


Black n Blue starts again tonight at 7:00pm. We’ll be dedicating our stream to MS Gundam Extreme vs. 2v2 gameplay. If we run into problems with Gundam, we’ll switch it up and do a Soul Calibur V mini-tournament.

Stream starts at 8pm on www.twitch.tv/KOcast

do you guys play umvc3? i really want to start doing tournament play and playing with better people

Yep, there will always be set ups for UMVC3.

PS. Apologies for tonight’s stream. We ran into a lot of technical problems and weren’t able to do the Gundam Extreme Vs. 2v2. We’ll attempt to do it again, but no promises.

Black n Blue starts again this Tuesday at 7:00pm. If you’re in a UCSB student or live in the area, come by and check it out. Meeting times and location can be found in the OP.

On the stream, we’re going to start with some Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and make another attempt to do 2v2 Gundam Extreme VS. If that fails, we’ll continue to UMvC3 and maybe Soul Calibur V, if there is interest. Stream starts at 8pm on www.twitch.tv/KOcast

Note: There are usually multiple set ups for other fighting games, like AE2012 and KOF13. Whatever we play on the stream is not indicative of what is only available at the club meetings.

will there be tournaments for ae2012? or is this just a weekly gatherings

This is a weekly gathering. Not sure about tournaments yet, that’s something you can bring up with the club founder.

So, there is a change in the schedule. Black N Blue is now meeting on Wednesday at 9pm this week. Hopefully, this will allow for more students to attend the meetings, since many clubs meet on Tuesday.

We’re still planning to stream at the event, but because of Big Two and WNF, we’ll probably stick to streaming games like Soul Calibur V and MS Gundam Extreme Vs.

This Wednesday, we’ll be dedicating the stream for Street Fighter X Tekken. Meeting starts around 8pm and the stream will start at 9pm.

UCSB students are definitely encouraged to check out the club.


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We’re going to get an early start today. We’ll be setting up in the conference room around 6pm. It’s finals week so that means this will be the last Black N Blue stream for the quarter.

Spring Breaaaaaaaaaaaak

Stream will start around 7pm and we’ll be goofing around until players show up.

UCSB is back for its Spring Quarter. Club starts at 8pm.

Catch us on the stream at: www.twitch.tv/KOcast

hey, is there a lot of Third Strike action going on here? I saw Gerald’s money match and was curious if there were many up there interested in Third strike.


Just updated the OP. BnB meetings are back to Tuesday nights at 8pm. So feel free and come tonight for games.

SkullGirls is the new crack around here, so definitely visit us if you’re interested on getting into the game.

Live stream will start around 8pm. www.twitch.tv/KOcast

Follow us on Twitter for updates; @KOcastSB

We’re meeting again for BnB tonight. SkullGirls is on the stream station. There will be casual stations for other fighting games.

Meeting starts at 7pm. Live stream will start around 8pm. www.twitch.tv/KOcast

Follow us on Twitter for updates; @KOcastSB

We took a two week break from streaming at Black n Blue club. We’ll be back this week on Tuesday for more SkullGirls and whatever we feel like playing.

If you are a local or a student at UCSB, drop by the club and hang out. Details about meetings are located on the top post.

Meeting starts at 7pm. Live stream will start around 8pm. www.twitch.tv/KOcast

Follow us on Twitter for updates; @KOcastSB

Mixing it up for today’s stream starting with VF:FS, SkullGirls with an unofficial speed patch, and maybe a MvC2 FT10.

Live stream will start around 8pm. www.twitch.tv/KOcast

Follow us on Twitter for updates; @KOcastSB