5/3 Philly MVC2 results

1st Josh Wong
2nd Bryheem Keyes
3rd Julian Robinson
4th Damian Eklund
5th Brandon Deshields
5th Roger Myung
7th Rashawn Henry
7th Jarrett Watson

I wanted to get a higher turnout but…
Damian said I should have posted how the pot was going to work and more people might have showed up so here it is

Entry fee $4.00
however much money I get from entry fees gets doubled
and that get split 65% / 35% / 10%
WHY $4.00? Its the lowest amount I could do and still come up with a half decent pot

hope you people aren’t to worried about APEX points because it will be awhile

GGXX tournament next week hope to get see all of the philly guilty gear players and anyone else looking for competition.

wow bryheem was hungry…

he hit me with sent unblockable xxx hsf without trying… shock and awe…

“why you gotta try mcguyver shit before you die?”

“send your fucking coupons to www.theboss.com that you clip out from bryheemios cereal, limited time offer”

I was outscrubbed by bryheem. but 8-1 with unblockable MSP. he thinks going behind and cr lk lk psylocke is a combo. i wont tell him if you dont. hahahahaha mcgyuver shit is the best!!!

:lol: Poor bryheem thinking crossover’s are unblockable.

By the way, I always thought mcgyuver built things:confused: LOL, poor bryheem

No, no, no…Mcguyver is that guy who always gets in trouble, but used his childhood flashbacks to come up with some crazy, “bryheem’esque” solutions to dodge bullets and bad guys and shit. Don’t you know, bryheem is a business man…

we gotta get you off those crazy pills

By the middle of next week I should have replaced my cell phone and have a slight break in my tests and papers so I can actually focus on getting people out to the CVS2 tournament.

:confused: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :evil: :confused: :eek: :rolleyes: