5/30 CI tourny jax,fl

here r the results:

1st-Javier “Khameleon” Chorrillos
2nd-Mike “-=Infinite=-” Williams
3rd-Craig “MAXIMUS” mother fukkin dufour
4th-:confused: :confused: dunno
5th-:confused: u got me
5th-shiet i have no clue:confused:

yea i dont really remember which got what cuz i didnt look at the brackets so if im wrong let me know. ummm…roys omega red is the truth, and i got a perfect:D and ummm…yea nice turn out we had about 12 people i think. i had alot of fun, nice meeting u guys

hehehe tell craig to post the results…I think shane actually got 5th becuase he defeated Roy:eek: :eek: …We gotta have a ggxx tourny next time if we get enough people

Mirko next time i will get you…:evil:

man, you NY guys are dorks. i considered this more a gathering than a tourney, but whatever:rolleyes: , if yall gotta post the results on here to show all your other NY friends that you " OWN " Jax, then i guess thats whatever too:rolleyes: , i think yall are scared to go to Gainsville with me:lame: , i think the Gainsville guys will own yall, if your not, then go this Saturday with me. let me know, later…

sounded fun wish i went, hey mike who is the last guy on your list??

OMFG, Infinite and Javier are fags. They don’t even know how to play. No offense to the jax scrubs, but craig was the only person at this tournament that could play and he was playing magnus the whole time (no offense to his magnus, it’s the truth).

Why guys scared to come to gainesville. All I gotta say is the truth is Javier and Infinite are fags and can’t even play. Pungza owns u fuckers.

Come out to gainesville this fri with craig and xander. You punkass bitches scared motherfuckers

can I get a reply? U pussy mofos.

They aint got no Honor and shit…

I own your wanksta ass sentinel

I’ll fast fly all up in ya face youngsta…

I will TP-walk ova your dead body nigga TPTPTPTPTTPTPTPTPTPTPTTPTP-Unit

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