5/30 MvC2 Family Fun Regional

  1. Korean Jordan - MSSpiral, Sent/Storm/Cap, MSP
  2. Dc Static - Sent/Cable/Cap, MSTron, MSP
  3. Potter - Storm/Sent/Cap, MSTron
  4. Amir - Mag/Sent/Cable, Mag/Sent/Cyc



good job korean jordan, that’s even better than calling wong marvelous.


how many showed


13 people entered. Can I make a minor suggestion? Could we schedule the next tourney to start at 3:00 instead of 1:00? There was a lot of heat comin from the people who had to wait around.


ya i showed up around 12 on sat and they didnt start turny till 6


gg’s to everyone … potter i got lucky :bluu: … amir i got lucky :bluu: … over all i got lucky cuz i lost first round and some how got through losers… im one lucky guy :lol:


nah nigga. if you got head from Tera Patrick then you’d be a lucky guy.


why weren’t you at ECC9

adding you to the tournament would have spiced up the soup from hot to afterburner


gg’s that shit was clean. Next time h2h cab. =]


:cool: Damn Straight


thanks guys … h2h next time for sure. :slight_smile:


potts sandbagged


gg’s to soo,dc and everyone else…

oh and gamma crush into thano super into hod =:eek: :wasted:


exactly >_< :stuck_out_tongue:


Soo do I deserve a higher magneto avatar:D .
If so send me it PLease.


Who’s this korean jordan? Kid sounds serious.


SooMighty perhaps?


That foo is Pippen at best.


Possibly the Pippen in the general sense of MvC2 players, but when it comes to the best Korean, SooMighty wins hands down.