5/31/03 SilverGears' Revenge 3S RESULTS!

Street Fighter III: 3s Results (15 Players total):

1st. - Nathan Roach “SilverGear” (Q SAI)
2nd - Albert “big boriqua” (Remy SAII/SAIII / Ken SAII)
3rd - Alex Jebailey “GUINNESS” (Elena SAII / Ken SAIII)
4th - Leland Miller “Shocky” (Alex SAIII / Q SAII)
5th (Tie) - Dwayne Schultz “Enk!ndu” (Hugo SAI)
5th (Tie) - Matt Smith “acesmith5” (Hugo SAI)

-= Notes/Comments: =-

  • I went through the entire tournament undefeated (match wise, I lost a round or two.) and won the finals 4-0.

  • While the purpose of the entire tournament was to give me a second chance to redeem myself by beating Alex Jebailey I never got a chance to play him in a tournament match. Although afterwards Alex and I played a money match best 4 out of 7 which he won 4-2.

  • For reasons unknown Hannibal Rojas of Miami was unable to attend. :frowning:

  • Tournament was held at Timeout instead of Rick’s house like originally planned.

  • Much thanks goes out to Dwayne Schultz and Rick Stalvey for organizing the whole event. I had a great time! And as always it was a real pleasure hanging with you guys!

  • Thanks also goes out to GUINNESS for hanging with The Muffin Man and I all day Saturday. We had a great time! :smiley:

  • Good games everybody! See you all in July! Take care!

BTW Rick I think you brought back some of the SARS those Toronto players brought to ECC8. :lol: I know I wasn’t feeling good last night but now I feel like absolute sh!t. :wasted: Thank God I have 2 days off work back to back. ~_~

Forth place? That is my highest rating in a tournament yet! But again I was eliminated by both Nathan and Alex! Although it was a small tournament, I enjoyed myself very much.

Rick and Dwayne: nice organization, even if it was last minute.
Orlando: thanks again for letting me try out the Sonic demo.
Nathan: I’ll get you next time!..If I don’t fuck up a simple command like a half circle again.
And most importantly: thank you for whoever figured out the pizza arrangements.

Yeah I felt bad for a couple of days too. BTW good job on winning the 3S tourney, oh and Alex posted here u both didnt get to play each other once in the tourney. I would like to point out that the 3S seeding put u both on opposite ends of the brackets!:lol:

hey peeps I just wanted to say I had a good time at the tourney. Nice to meet everyone. now I can put names with faces now. Anyway, I put ahout outs in the results thread in the ATL South forums. Anyway, nice to meet you people.

P.S. There’s no love for GGXX? :frowning:

Yeah You wouldn’t of been undefeated if you faced me, Good win though you deserved it since it was in your dedication. We should have no grudge matches anymore, we know who wins em every time ;), just glad I have a fellow player and friend to help us both get better at the game.

Thanks Rick and Dwayne as well.

Also Awesome job to shocky, for a 16 yr old kid who’s only a year old to the street fighter world, he’s doing fucking awesome, Thanks for teaching me 3s in 3 weeks time. You have potential.

Good shit on your tourney placement but get off it. You’ve been saying you’ve only been playing 3s for 3 weeks for 5 weeks now.

Yes yes, very good tournament indeed.

Props to Rick and Dwayne for running the stuff, and my own personal thanks for letting me stay the night. :slight_smile: I had a blast playing GGXX and CvS2 into the wee hours.

Thanks to Anthony - Adam Warlock for offering me a place to stay. I really appreciate the offer :slight_smile:

Props to Albert. You have the best Ken I’ve ever fought. Hugo didn’t stand a chance. :frowning:

Leland, props for eliminating me. Sorry if it looked like I got mad. I wasn’t pissed at you, the stick was just giving me problems. Next time I’ll have my stick working and we’ll see how I fare.

Don’t worry about it Acesmith. You had some 360/720 setups I never saw before. I had to adapt pretty damn fast. I never realized Hugo’s crouching roundhouse is so abusable until that night either.

Naruto for APEX!

Hey congrats on getting 4th place! Your Alex was a nice surprise when we faced off.

I don’t know if you’re up for constructive criticism but here’s some things I could help but notice when watching you use him:

  • You really liked using B+Fierce. While it’s a good move, I’d be a bit more cautious with it considering it blockable and has a pretty bad recovery rate.

  • You might want to look into the other supers.While Stun Gun Headbutt is a good super it’s not all that easy to land on an experienced player. My suggestion would be his SAII, it gives you good EX stock and can be combo’ed into ALOT easier.

  • And finally you should try different combos on dizzied characters. I’d use Fierce Flashchop > Fierce Powerbomb only if I knew it was going to K.O. the character. The standard combo on dizzied characters should be Fierce Flashchop > Close S. Forward xx Jab Flashchop. While it does 2 points less then the combo you do it gives you more meter to work with. Now if you have EX meter to use the combo you should aim for is Fierce Flashchop > Close S. Forward xx EX Flashchop. It’s the most damaging out of the 3 listed.

I’m not trying to be an ass and tell you how to play or anything, just trying to help out. Take what I have to say any way you like. :slight_smile:

Too true! I seriously need to stop playing you for cash, your breaking my bank! :lol:

Anyways, whenever I’m in town I’ll be sure to give you a heads-up to see if we can get togther and play. And if for some reason your ever in Florida let me know and we’ll get together for sure!

In the meantime you take it easy and see you in July. :wink:

Having Alex and me on opposite ends of the brackets was perfect. Cause it seriously would have sucked if I had to play him like on the second match or something. :lol:

BTW Rick I’ve been meaning to tell you this:


good job nathan

hey thanx aces! I’m glad at least someone remembered me on here lol, after all i did get 2nd :smiley: anywayz. thanx to all who camme n played. much props to Silvergear for getting his REVENGE on me for the last time we played agiants eachother i had one the tourney undefeated… Much props Nathan! Uve gotten much better! Ill expect to see u all more often from now on. peace! c u at the next one!


Hey man 'sup? I was wondering…Do you have any plans to attend N Cubed this year? I was originally thinking about going to Evo 2k3 but now that I think about it I’d prefer to attend N Cubed this year since it’s more focused on 3S.

Reason why I ask if you’re going is because I’d really like to meet up with you (and other 3S players on this forum.) and play some matches, plus maybe you can teach me the ways of Urien. :smiley:

Take it easy.

Thanks. :cool:

Yeah good job on getting 2nd place Albert! Even though you’ve been MIA for a while you proved you can still kick major ass, too good!

Good games! Look forward to playing you again come July.

Take it easy.

alberta showed up?!?! wtf, lol, cool tourney it seems, well albert, i finally got a car again i can pick you up whenever you need now
this is yop btw, just email me at grey_cardboard@hotmail.com sometime


N’cubed or Evo2k3… Decision too hard to make… Brain aneurysm is imminent…:wasted:

Seriously though that does raise the bar and I will seriously take Evo2k3 into consideration now.

Question is though…
Do you know of any 3S players that’ll be getting a hotel room and might possibly have an open space on their floor for a Florida scrub to sleep at?

Reason why I ask is because I seriously don’t want to shack up with some Marvel players and listen to Storm screaming till the wee hours of the morning. ^^;

Take it easy Rockefeller.

And maybe I’ll see you come August. ^_~