5/6 T5 & MvC2 - Philly Paddle Weekly

1st: Bryheem - Steve, Nina
2nd: Josh Wong - Steve, Mokujin
3rd: Justin - Steve
4th: Jimmy - Hwoarang, ??
5th: Alex - Jack5 , Brandon - Steve
7th: Matt - ???, Damian - Steve
9th: Som - Hei, Craig - lei

1st: Bryheem - Scrub, Rowtron
2nd: Josh Wong - cable/sent/cyke
3rd: Brandon - cable/sent/cyke, msp
4th: Damian - storm/cable/doom, msp
5th: Som - storm/cable/capcom, Alex - sent/cable/tron


  • Heem is on top…
  • Legendary Rick Mears didn’t enter anything because hes saving shit for the nationals and he knows philly always ends up taking each other out…
  • Big Eric made a guest appearance and peaced out…
  • We got record #s for tekken and garbage for marvel…

Thanks for havin us, id be down to do this again next week as i imagine you guys are again. We should have more time then too if you guys do 3rd strike and shit.

I will stay longer next time. :karate:No More M-cart :tdown:

I’m not losing to howrang or that carnival chick christie anymore. They were just too wild for me last night. :sweat:

Bryheem finally beat Josh Wong and won a Tekken 5 tournament. That whole thing seemed fake, but it really happened.:wow:

Damian, now you see why I didn’t want to enter marvel? :tdown: Yo, check your PM box.

good shit joshW
was there a prerequsit of plaing steve to place? :slight_smile:

no. you just need to pick a character and abuse their best move.

is that justin who placed justin wong or someone else cause if it was Jwo good shit LZJ and Heem plus how did heem beat demon hyo and josh wong wtf.

i love how big erics avatar is an advertisment for a 2-year old tournament