5/8 MvC2, CvS2, 3s, GGXX - Charleston, SC Results - Console Warriors



  1. Chi - “ilikebeingalive” - MSS-a, Santhrax, MSP
  2. Cletus - “BEASTMASTER” - BH teams, Storm/Sent/Cable, MSP
  3. Antonio - Mag/Ken/Commando

Winner’s final 3-1 MSS-a + Santhrax > BH traps

Grand finals 4-2 Cletus, 4-3 Me

down 3-1 in the second set, I get brave and pick MSS-a and steal 3 tight games in a row


  1. Thomas - “thehurricane” - [C]-Blanka/Ryu/Rock-2
  2. Paul - “DEBO DA BEAST!!” - [C] Ryu/Ken/Sagat-2
  3. Chi - “ilikebeingalive” - [A] Vega/Bison/Blanka-2, [C] Chun/Sagat/Blanka-2

Loser’s finals - 3-1 Paul > Me
Grand finals - 4-0 Thomas > Paul


  1. Josh - “Icege” - Sol, Eddie
  2. Paul - “DEBO DA BEAST!!” - Axl, Ky, Venom
  3. Chi - “ilikebeingalive” - Millia, Dizzy

Winner’s final 3-0 Josh’s Sol > Paul.
Loser’s final 3-0 Paul > My Millia and Dizzy

Grand final 4-0 Josh’s Eddie > Paul


  1. Chi - “ilikebeingalive” - Chun SA2, Ryu SA1
  2. Josh - “Icege” - Yun SAIII, Ken SAIII
  3. Paul - “DEBO DA BEAST!!” - Ryu SAII, Dudley SAIII, Hugo SAIII

Winner’s Final 3-1 My Chun > Yun, parry dive kick, s. fk

Loser’s Final 3-2 Josh’s Ken > Paul’s Ken, Hugo, Dudley

Grand Finals #1 - Josh 4-3, Me 4-1 - My Chun > Josh’s Yun

Not quite sure what’s going on that game. I get owned like everytime in casual play when I was seriously playing.


Paul - for providing the place and sodas and tvs and everything we need, thanks x 40

Jerome - for keeping everyone entertained and randomly stealing a win from me in marvel

Josh - for running brackets and winning GGXX w/o Sol in the finals

Thomas - for winning cvs2

Cletus - for trying to beat me in MvC2 and beating Paul in 3s

Me - for finally defeating Cletus in an MvC2 tourney

Everyone else for coming and playing. Tony, Shawn, etc

Navy Paul - for showing up late and not being a beast

Cletus - for asking for food then not eating it…

Ray - not playing in the tourney and forgetting about my Chinese food

Me - for not winning every game

Josh - for playing Ken in 3s


josh mcwh0re, practice up! :mad:



I’ll try to make the next tourney, gotta keep competing.


Good games to everybody. Props to Chi for pounding me in the 3S winners’ and grand finals. Parry dive kick, c.mk xx SAII > meh. I can’t parry for my life :frowning:

Antonio beat me with MegaMan/Mag/CapCom… I kept trying to be slick and played Jesus both times, forgetting that Doom takes damage when he gets punched in the face. Doh!

Sakura CC = too strong… except for when you don’t get a chance to even activate it. >_<


my only losses besides losing the first set of both grand finals, we’re to paul in both ggxx and cvs2

paul is my kryptonite