5/9 SOVA Monthly

We’ve held 4 ranbats already guys so I figured it was time to hold a monthly. So for those who missed my post in the VA thread, here goes the important parts of it.

May 9, 2009

4:00 PM

Blackula’s Apartment
2715 Holly Point Blvd
Chesapeake, VA 23325
(757) 961-3551

SF4 is the game.

  • Double Elimination
  • Rounds set to 2/3
  • Matches will be 2/3, Winners/Loser Finals 3/5, Grand Finals 4/7

Once again, top 8 matches will be recorded in BLACKULA’S COLISEUM!

Ranbats are closed for this session. May 9th will be our first monthly. Considering that it is a monthly, we’re going to treat it as a regular tournament. There will be a small venue fee (for everyone) and an entry fee (for those participating). The venue fee will be $3 and the entry fee will be $10. It will not be winner take all but split pot 70/20/10.

From the ranbats, the top 8 people will be seeded. Here are the top 8 standings with the closest people behind them, just in case someone from the top 8 isn’t able to attend.

  1. Ryry

  2. Joe S.

  3. K1 Sauce

  4. Moose

  5. Winback

  6. Foomy

  7. Blackula

  8. Jay In Va

  9. Kitsune King

  10. Aleri

  11. Joe E.

  12. Mr 720.

I added the latter names because I’m not sure if everyone in the top 8 will be there since about half of them have only been to one ranbat. I will speak to those individuals to see if they will be in attendance.

I’m changing the time from 6 PM to 4 PM to possibly allot for us to have more time to possibly run a 3v3 tourney. If we do have the time and the 3v3 tourney is run, it will be $5 per team member. The pot will be split 70/20/10. Only one character per player. Two people can not be the same character. The format will be SBO style. Rounds will be set to 2/3 and it will only be one match. Only finals will be 2/3 matches. It will be double elimination.

Blackula (x2)
!A (x2)


!A (x2)

Blackula (x2)
PHB (possibly)

Arcade Sticks:
–TE x4 (360) - !A
–Hori FS3 (PS3)- Blackula
–Pelican (PS2) - Blackula

There will be at least 4 tourney stations in the living/dining area. 2 in the Kitchen. My 42" HDTV will be a casual stations and I will be opening up my room to put a station in there, most likely for casuals.

To guarantee that we will be able to do both the singles and 3v3, I’m going to be running the tournament differently.

First of all, once I get to the top 8 of the singles’ tourney, I will not do the top 8 singles immediately. I will switch to the 3v3 tourney. Then once I get to the top 4 of the 3v3 tourney, then I will assemble the Coliseum and record matches first beginning with the top 8 of the singles’ tourny and then the top 4 of the 3v3 tourney.

The tourneys will run as follows: for the singles’ tourney, winners’ bracket will run until winners’ semi-finals. Then we will switch to losers’ bracket and complete it until we have top 8. For the 3v3, we will do winners until the winners’ finals and then switch to the losers’ bracket until the losers’ semi-finals when we have top 4.

Current Teams for 3v3:
Satsui Noodle Soup

  1. Blackula
  2. RanDumbCat
  3. Jay in VA


Plan B

Two White Guys and a White Guy

  1. Neo Xian Wu
  2. Syberninja
  3. Foomy

Time To Get Paid

  1. Moose
  2. Ryry
  3. Joe S

For those of you who don’t know how the tourney is going to be set up bracket wise, here’s the breakdown. I’m going to be using Tio Tournament Organizer. Top 8 from the ranbats will be seeded players. Everyone else will be divided into three groups. There’s Expert, Intermediate, and Novice. If you were close to the top, you will be put in the Expert group. This goes for Kitsune, Aleri, Joe E, and Mr. 720. The next group after that in the middle of the list will be put in the Intermediate group. And the rest will fall under the novice group. This is in no way to say that this is your skill level. This is just how I’m grouping you based on the point totals. Since many of you tie for the same place, I can’t just make a straight up list ranking everyone where I can say #1 plays #32, #2 plays #31 and so forth.

As far as the 3v3 goes, the bracket will be generated at random. No one will be seeded for this.

im there


!A, lets get the money!

apparently there is money that has to be got?

Yes sir!


Magman come to this event son!

WikiP top 8!! haha

he speaks the truth!!!

In addition to the regular portion of the pot, I’ve decided to have a special prize for first place.

what is it ??!?!?!?! :party:

Win the monthly and you’ll find out. :slight_smile:

You might as well PM me right now with what this mystery prize is cause I’m winning this monthly.

And if for some reason I lose, I WILL ragequit and take my box fan and storm out of there…

Let me put “lol” here so people know im jk. lol.

Sorry but I can not do that. :smile:

All I can say is that you will like the special prize for 1st place.

Moose is about to play Mike Infinite in 5v5.

Moose wins

Aleri is getting ready to play his first match.

Aleri (Balrog) vs Jazz (Cammy)

Ariez and Al next.