5 best marvel players in Japan


-Kusoru (low tier hero, FRXV winner)
-Frieda (most famous marvel player in Japan)

source: http://shoryuken.com/2012/01/29/bonus-round-interviews-gx-the-godfather-of-mvc-in-japan/


I honestly don’t see how Frieda is better than Chou, Liquidmetal and a few other players…I think Frieda is famous for being one of the main players that was involved with organizing the japanese marvel scene but I think there’s a number of players that are better than him there.

I’ve been saying it before but Chou and DIE-chan(as well as the obvious ABEGEN) are crazy good players and should be on top of the list. Liquidmetal might be the best Magneto player I’ve seen as well and plays a much more interesting Phoenix than most players do. Also GX is underrating himself, that guy is easily the best Hulk player I’ve seen and his Spencer and Phoenix Wright are pretty nasty.

Also Jeo is a beast, running Morrigan, Wesker, Strider.


This post is from the same guy from the video when i asked him who he thinks are the top 5.


Frieda gets extra points from me because hes played in two US majors now Evo and FR. Also people who have played in SBO in other games get extra points as well. Thats why I have Spinking at 4th even though I dont believe he will get beyond top8 at best. That big stage experience helps alot.

Unfortunately for GX, as of right now, he is the biggest choker. He has been to every one of our tourneys and has only gotten past the 2nd round once or twice. So until he figures it out he wont be in my top 5 or even the CBNC category.

Everyone else is just based on potential.