-= 5 Fierce Combo =-

Notice that we don’t have any threads discussing the value of these damaging combos. For those who don’t know what this is, its a 5 hit combo used by fierce hits. The reward for doing this is huge damage with the cost of no meter and a free option for a huge mixup.

To do it its Launch
[HP, Airdash HP, HK, HK]

note - when you airdash(lp,hp) the second hit is automatically done.*

If done correctly the opponent should fly right over your head giving you enough time to do a deadly cross up. Below are a few of the following possibilities:

Most Common Ones:

1) s.lp, standing lp, then quickly do crouching lk, then launch followed by 5 fierce all over again
**2)**while holding foward you have 2 options: you can either regular trijump down over opponent head, or tri jump behind opponent followed by c.lk, c.lk …
3) regular jump lk, hk+assist airdash opposite side for cross up finish.

More Tricky Ones

**4)**s.lp+storm assist, tri jump over opponent’s head and quickly trijump back to the starting position(thanks IFCYipes!)
**5)**regular jump foward+assist xx airdash backwards hk.

Is this combo supposed to be hard to do? say, compared to the rom infinite. I can never do the HP, Airdash, HP sequence fast enough consistently.

No this is not sopposed to be hard to do. BUT unlike the Rom infinite your doing the same repeative combo over and over again to nail half life, while doing a 5 Fierce can give you the same damage and give you more benifits, main benifit of course is the reset. When you do ROM infinite there is a better chance of you messing up, then 5 Feirce.

Honestly its just a matter of practice, if you find that you second fp doesn’t connect its because your not doing it fast enough, as long as you can get the right timing to connect the first two fps, then the remaining hks are easy. I strongly recommend you learn this rather ROM infinite.

this might help also…

after you launch, wait a split second longer before you do the first fierce. this brings the opponent higher in the air before you hit him so then you have a longer time to hit him again with that second fierce before he hits the ground

Yep, this works, thx a bunch.

yea, whenever i miss the combo its because they hit the ground too early. tend to work my mags reaal fast so i need to slow things down a bit sometimes

mash hp/hk :slight_smile: isnt this combo old?

What? ROM is still good, resets kill just as fast as the triple fierce combo…

Who said it was better? Besides, different strokes for different folks.

All ROM comparisons aside, this combo is a LIFE SAVER when you’re new to Magneto. Before you can get into the more advanced resets and slide based stuff, you’ve always got this to fall back on to do a good amount of damage. If you can connect it from a rocket punch assist, you’re in business.

rom gives you more options than the 5 fierce combo, its just that its good to use both because thats twice as many resets. its harder for your opponent to look for a reset if you vary both combos

i like the 5 fierce combo over rom. cause you can always block

the other way when they are rom whoring you and looking for a

reset lol. the 5 fierce combo is faster damage and when your done

doing the combo you can tri jump launch and catch them slippin

with another 5 fiercer or rom reset…

come on now mike! you know better than that. ANY reset/mixup/crossover you can do after the 5 fierce combo you can do with the rom. and if you’re already blocking the other way, if you’re playing a decent player they wont even switch sides to confuse you even more.

launch, hk, lk, lk, ALMOST takes off as much as the 5 fierce. do a couple reps of the rom and you’ve already taken off more with the option of an unblockable super. when you reset with the rom you dont always have to cross over. not to mention ROM can set you up for a bunch of grabs for juggles or DHC.

i’m not saying dont use the 5 fierce, its good for mixing up if people are getting use to your rom resets. but how often do you see the great players do the 5 fierce?

its always good to rely on the rom IF you’ve perfected it. its builds up crazy meter. the thing is ROM is an infinite, you can mix it up at any random point. when you’re done with the 5 fierce the opponent knows something tricky is coming.

Mat, i know what you mean about the rom! i guess i look for

fast damaging combo’s like the five fierce combo, im not

looking past the rom, cause like u said it builds crazy meter

not only that u can reset that shiat anytime u want u can play

mind games with the rom, i think rom should be used for

finishing off characters with small amount of life left, but the

rom is most efficient in the corner. Because you can use the

grab reset then when they are dead it’s a freebie if you know

his unblockable. also after a few reps with the rom, damage

scaling suck’s thats why people look for rests. :pray:

gotta try that combo bro thanks :cool:

Ummm i need a little help…so i launch them,HP air dash HP again then HK HK?

yup thats right. what its lookin like is the 2 HPs crack em to the ground then the first HK otgs em then the second HK is when you land. some xup ops with this so experiment

WORD is strong too…it does 62 points of damage…what else can i do with this i tried tri jump and do it again…is there a way to do the slide after that?

my favorite 5 fierce reset is 5-fierce, then normal jump straight up and call psylocke, and do a timed airdash for psylocke to hit exactly at the time you’re above your opponent’s head, so, even you won’t know what side he’ll have to block then go on from here

SRKFayetteville - no, you can’t slide right after 5 fierce, you gotta reset before that

with that reset might as well super jump instead with like a tri-jump. sets you up for combos/juggles better