5 fierce to?

Ok, I got the five fierce down quite well. My question is what the hell can I do after the opponent OTG’s over me on the last c.rh. IM SO CONFUSED:looney: :looney: :looney:

u cant do anyhting that comboes. what i do is call slow assist like sent-A or ironman -AAA and then jump on the next side and do a hk so they block high if u do it fast enough they will leave block stun but then have to block the other way or they get hit my ironmans AAA.

or u can use sent-A and do a lk while they wake up then super jump to the next side and do hk over head attack.

if u get 2 5 fierces u can run away or chip to death for extra hillarity

hmmmm, i guess i’ll let this one leak to the srk community. they shud know it =_=

c.fp, sj.fp, ad/df fp rh (forcing the roll), pause and then dash to other side for a c.lk+assist, c.lk reset. if you can’t get it keep trying, your probably not pausing long enough. if you land this on anybody, they are dead =)

What do you mean by “forcing the roll” after the last hit of the 5 fierce they otg over your sprite. Please explain, you guys are doing a great job of answering my nooby questions so far. (not sarcasm, seriously, you guys are great)

actually u do 4 fierces and it forces them to roll. if u do 4 fierces and end with a c.jp it makes them stand up straight

But when I do it I end up with an otg. It was Green who told me to to this.
c.hp ^ sj.hp/sj.hk addf sj.hp sj.hk (OTGs) v c.hk. It works for me this way. Do you guys understand what I mean now???

look at what i typed =) not wut u typed =)

c.fp (1), sj.fp (2), ad/df sj.fp(3) sj.rh(4)

the above should force them to roll, pause for a second and if ur g enough, you can dash behind the opponent while he is rolling >>> way, you’ll pass him…dont dash twice, you have to make it in one dash or you will not get to the other side =) but when you get there you should juss c.lk+assist, c.lk because if you try to tri jump magneto is a retard and attacks the wrong way (he thinks he hasn’t passed the opponent yet). but yeah, if you hit them with that, they shud die and you should get your guardbreak =)

if you do what you posted, what you do depends on who you have, if i do that i normally did it because it was close to killing them, so i would jump straight up, call assist, aand airdash to other side to force a block =/ 5 fierce is overrated =0

does that combo or is that a reset?

and i seen in the corner ppl doing c.jp s.mp and then re comboing, do u know anyting about that. and i was just going to ask

after u do a 5 fierce and u land, what would be the best choice using ironman AAA. calling ironman AAA then tri jump hp/hk then land and c.lk c.hp OR calling ironman AAA c.lk then tri jump over head attack if blocked.

im trying to think of cross ups.

oh sorry I shud of read it . Thanks for your help with the five fierce

people who use IM dont use 5 fierce xD they infinite to forty and unmashable tempest or normal jump lk fp tempest frame kill to proton cannon

werd. with mag/im you can have a couple different strategies

a) simple combos that do shitload of damage
ex: launch, hk, addf, lk, lp / j.lk, IMAAA, j.hp, j.hk xx MT = 80 percent of their life

b) rom the shit out of them to a dhc.

c) rom setup, s.lp+IMAAA, s.hp, OTG c.lk, c.kh, 1 rep of slide infinte ->tag to ironman

resets and mixups with IM assist is kinda funky since it hits kinda weird

this is probably so old…

c.fp, sj.fp xx ad df fp, fk[otg], land, s.lk, c.lp (bubble hits)…then while opponent is in the air…

…jump xx ad behind opponent, lk, lk, land > rom
…jump + sent ground xx ad forward, FP throw into assist
…jump xx ad behind opponent, lk + IM AAA, fp into assist > something cool

…still working on it.

After the 5 fierce you are in the perfect position to jump over cross up. Either tri jump to the other side and wiff the hp so you stick to the ground then hit em with c-lk to open them up. Or you can go high or same side fakie with the tri jump to mix it up.

With the four fierce its good if you can get the dash in to the other side consistently, when you do you can change it up with a same side hit instead of always going for the other side.

mag +5FC + drones = easy resets