5 guys burgers and fries

one opened up here in vancouver (well surrey and west van to be exact) and I use to be a huge fan of triple o’s burgers until I started going here.

Love the fries + malt vinegar and I love the burgers. I even made this monstrosity last time I went


anyone else love their burgers?

I am sorry but that looks like shit.

I’ll still have 2 of them though.

Love there fries burgers are alright.

Don’t mess with that no more. OD calories. I never need that many calories, lol. But it do taste hella good, which is probably more important than health.

That’s…a burger?

I actually don’t like that much beef on my burger. In n out has a pretty great combo, texture and proportion wise. Definitely my ultimate fast food burger. Every now and then though, if you find that one sonics not staffed by people who have literally never given a fuck in their life, you can get a decent sandwich, way better than burger king or whatever which is perpetually awful.

I just did it for picture purposes. I’m pretty contempt with 1 patty, but since i['m hitting the gym pretty hard I need the calories/protein.


what their regular burger looks like.

my sentiments as well

lol, dont try and play us, you just wanted a DOPEFRESH burger. Double burger with slices of pizza and shit on isn’t part of any workout routine anywhere.

Their burgers look so nasty. One just opened here in San Diego, so I need to go try it. I just don’t see it beating a Double-Double…

Certainly can’t beat a 4x4. But, there fries are good. I just wish they wouldn’t post the Zagat survey ratings everywhere and toot their own horn. Kind of annoying.

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dunno if I would fuck with that, but it does share some similarities to fresh and meaty over here.

five guys burgers and fries is hands down the best burger joint in america. i guess im being spoiled by being in the east coast cause when i hear wc people talk about how good in and out burgers are, i often ask myself “wtf are they on”. but its not their fault for not having a five guys burger yet. theyve expanded greatly in the past few years and it shows why. best burgers hands down.

Fuck In and out, nations nigga.

just looked at their website. def not comparing to five guys. although i wouldnt mind a salmon burger every now and then.

Bullshit you want a cockmeat sandwich!

5Guys Burgers&Fries is “alright” with me…the fries in particular are amazing. However, it’s too expensive for what it is, imo. I had a regular combo there a few months ago…just the burger, fries and a drank…it was 9 bucks and change! C’mon Son?, get the fuck outta here with that.

…cheh, and I previously thought my precious Cheeseburger Charlies was a bit overpriced for combos that cost around 7 or 8 bucks and change. Sheeeit, at least Cheeseburger Charlies is amazing. The quality there is significantly beyond the fast food places like McD’s, BK and Wendy’s…plus the order is never wrong since you decide what kind of extras go on the burger.

*random hate: Jack in the Box sucks. I’ve given them a chance both in terms of burger/combo and a sausage biscuit breakfast…only the sausage biscuit was “ok”. The taste of their burger is just pitiful, man…it’s about as bland as a pile of lightly seasoned cardboard. haha, actually that might even be generous to say “lightly seasoned”…that shit is PURE cardboard on a bun.

Don’t go there anymore. Too much grease floating around and the fries always end up being shit. Not to mention that it’s too expensive for the full set, about 6 or 7 more than that normally charge at Wendy’s or Micky D’s.