5 guys burgers and fries

Haha people were telling yall this place wasn’t overrated :rofl:

Five Guys: The Takeover

Those double burgers are the absolute best…

fatburger>>>>>>>>>>>>>>in n out>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5 guys :arazz:

I honestly prefer triple o’s/white spot (BC Canada Brand) over in and out. Although I don’t feel like shit after leaving in and out.

I dislike fat burger.

5 guys is good…but wayyyy too expensive…5 dollars for a double burger wth! Not worth the money and it’s pretty soggy cuz of all the grease.

But, to be fair…i only went there once…so i cant give a good judgement call on it yet, maybe it wont be as soggy next time…

You do not want to know canada prices.

5 Guys is the shit, if you ask me. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey for what it is, but it’s hard to find a better burger that you didn’t make yourself.

And those cajun fries are godlike.

Those look pretty damn good. I really want to try one.

Not sure if it’s disqualified because it’s not a chain, but this is the best burger I’ve had so far. Wings are also really great. My roomate also is a big fan of the cheeseburger soup, which he dunks his burger in, so he’s got burger on his burger and can eat while he eats.


As far as chains, I dunno. Whatever is closest, I guess.

To me Five Guys is like high quality Burger King with good cajun fries. There so many burger joints just as good as them and In N Out. All this burger talk is making me hungry.

I like Five Guys myself. But I also like In-N-Out too.

Anyone else’s Five Guys throw a fuckton of fries at you? I order a small and they literally fill the bag with enough for a second order. :rofl:

im allergic to peanuts…DO NOT WANT.

5 guys is ok. But its no match for Fudruckers. 1lb hamburgers all day cooked any way you want.

apparently its chain wide to fill the bag with fries. so what I do is go with 3 other guys and split 1 small.

I’m still on the fence.

My mistake was not getting the fries cajun or dirty or whatever they call it.

Having a 5 Guys, In-n-Out, Fatburger and Fuddrucker’s all in the same area makes me realize:

Damn…no wonder I’m flabby.

More fat people threads, that’s wonderful.

there fries are really great. burgers are pretty good to. not something you can eat all the time tho unless you enjoy being un healthy

best burger place i’ve been to, but yea coming out of that place you feel as if you’ve aged dramatically.

This is one of the food joints I miss most about the DC Metro area. It’s definitely not a place you can go to all the time considering how fattening they are, but if you wanna fatten up for a day, this is THE place to go. Their burgers are top-notch and fries aplenty.

if i want some super great burger i can just go to a diner.

My asshole friends went there without me a month ago.

They said it was delicious as hell and they were full after eating half of it.