$5 MvC3 Tournament - Las Vegas NV 3/18/11


Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles
Hosted by UNLV Anime Club and Gemini Arcade Palace

Location Gemini Arcade Palace, 4180 South Sandhill Road
Date: Friday March 18th
Entry fee is $5 ($1 to the house, $1 to the club)
Payouts: 70/30
*=====EVENT IS BYOC=====
Double Elimination
2/3 matches, finals are 3/5
99 second time limit

Tournament starts at 4pm, Signups will probably start around 3pm.

-Winner of the previous round may not switch characters but may switch assists.
-If any glitch or bug occurs such as the assist bug or graphical bugs (such as Tron Bonne’s Servbots becoming gigantic and blocking the screen) occurs then inform a judge and restart your round. If you bring this up after the round is done then the results are official.
-No Jill Valentine or Shuma Gorath
-Draws do not count as a win or a loss, start the round again if a draw occurs.

Don’t hesitate to bring in an extra console or TV.

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I shall be there for sure not sure if Palomino wil be hosted at all this week macc has kind of gone dark scary but its alright Ill pass the word of this tourney


So it’s going to be on both PS3 and 360? Does that mean I have to bring 2 sticks just in case?

I’ll probably make it out depending on my work situation


Just in case bring em both, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring two sticks.