5 On 5 MvC2 tourney @ Hawaiian Brians~!

Great 5 on 5 tourney and in the end it was a tie for both teams at 2 wins a piece.
Format was japanese style and the results are this.

Team Order for 1st set-
#1 Kev, #2 yoshimon, #3 Rawbzilla, #4 Orochi Kyosuke, Anchor Dj-B13

#1 Golden Nismor, #2 Hawaiian Ryan, #3 Chris G, #4 Who, Anchor Toberlicious.

Set 1:
-Kev Beat Golden Nismor.
-Hawaiian Ryan Beat every one down to Dj-B13.
-Dj-B13 Beat Hawaiian Ryan and goes through the whole team making it the 1st win.

Team Order for 2nd set-
#1 Kev, #2 yoshimon, #3 Orochi Kyosuke, #4 Rawbzilla , Anchor Dj-B13

#1 Golden Nismor, #2 Chris G, #3 Toberliscious, #4 Who, Anchor Hawaiian Ryan.

Set #3:
-Golden Nismor Beats Kev And Wins all the way Till Dj-B13.
-Dj-B13 Wins all the way through till Hawaiian Ryan.
-Hawaiian Ryan Beats Dj-B13 Giving Them now thier 1st point and now tied.

Team Order for 3rd set-
#1 Dj-B13, #2 Kev, #3 Yoshimon, #4 Rawbzilla , Anchor Orochi Kyosuke

#1 Hawaiian Ryan, #2 Golden Nismor, #3 Who, #4 Chris G, Anchor Toberliscious.

Set #3:
-Dj-B13 starts and Wins Beating all 5 giving the team thier 2nd point now score is 2-1.

Team Order for 4th set-
#1 Orochi Kyosuke, #2 Kev, #3 Rawbzilla, #4 Yoshimon, Anchor Dj-B13

#1 Golden Nismor, #2 Who, #3 Chris G, #4 Toberliscious, Anchor Hawaiian Ryan.

Set #4:
-Orochi Kyosuke Losses to Golden Nismor And golden Nismor continues his win streak up till Dj-B13.
-Dj-B13 Beat Golen Nismor and wins till he gets to Hawaiian Ryan.
-Hawaiian Ryan Beat Dj-B13 and Gves them now thier 2nd point calling it a tie now with the score being at 2-2.

And due to that we decided to call it even since every one wanted to play mvc2 now hehe.
Good games and good practice~!

Sounds hella fun…keep it crackin out there Dj-B13…too many hotties and nice weather…and u get to play SF??? Too lucky…lol…holla back!!!


“Gotta love RICKY ORTIZ’s “April O’ Neil” Fade” -Unknown

Damn brian


I wish you guys would put out videos

what team did you guys use?

Deng Brian, good work Anchor guy :slight_smile:

Good shit Hawaiian Ryan and dj-b13!

Cool, get vids next time.

sup dj-bozzle =]

Big ups to Brian, Ryan, and Johnny (Yoshimon) :smiley: !!! Yo Brian how well did Johnny do anyway? Wish I was there to turn the tables :stuck_out_tongue: j/p. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!