Anyone that is GOING to EVO in July and interested in being on either the HDR and/or SF4 team, please start posting here! I need to get an idea of who is going and/or interested.




I’m definitely traveling from Orlando to EVO, Already all booked up. So I’m interested in the SF4 SouthEast Team. Also Trent Van Devin seems like a pretty sure Yes for EVO.


<----interested in sfiv team



I’m all booked as well and interested in both HDR and SF4 teams


I will definetly be going to EVO. i am interested in the SF4 team.


you know it. i’ll be going to evo for sure. im interested.


im going, and im holding monthlies that i know myself, google and pretty sure trent will be attending. i offered before and i will offer again, i can host a qualifying tourney for the florida spot on the team if you want.


I’m Sorry but, i thought that " Maverick" won the florida stop at Final Round. Is that not so anymore.


yeah i think maverick earned his spot of HD remix already

anyways im interested in SF4 teams, oh yeah LOL @ the apr 09 user that wants to be on the team


Anyone in the SE that’s on ps3 get at me on some sf4. This means you 2 jason.


I’m glad you find that amusing AD… You know my PSN, so whenever you want to spar…hit me up!


Mavrick and Juan Camargo are already on the HDR team for earning spots…


actually, sorry, everyone has a chance to prove themselves

hell if you’re good, you’re good

anyways if you want to be in SF4, post up the character you’ll be playing too

Since it one character per team, everyone will be facing off against your main character

I’m Sagat so if theirs another Sagat thats wants to challenge me, let me know, if you want to do this pre-evo


Well, i main Ken and Fuerte…



ill be there for evo.


SFIV = Boxer.

HDR = Gief


whats happening with our team?


YA. Thats what i was thinking. :Snooze:


Sorry, I was in Japan for a week…

I still don’t even know who is GOING to EVO. As of right now there’s only a handful of people, and if that is the case, I am going to just choose spots for people…