5 on 5 Tournament (Let's Go Justin Team)


I found some videos for 5 on 5 in the Pre-SBO tournament. I know most of the ppls are waiting for it.
And we can see how Let’s Go Justin Team did in there


Here is the Link: Enjoy and Discuss !!

All i want to say … Oh my Grief!!:lovin:


first match i counted about 472 fireballs


Such a fierce first round by pro sagats.


Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger…X 400+ times
ok Sagat won …


Btw, if you want to see US team… on the left hand side , the 4th link

??? is Iyo 's team.


anyone know how to download the vids from that site?


That is one nasty Gief…


Due to a mix up LGJ had to face the same team twice and the first time they dominated (which isn’t on tape :-), but the rematch where zangief goes on a killing spree is.


Who played what character on Justin’s team?


Who is the Gief??


Looks like his name is Aloha.




This actually wasnt as bad as I thought, just alot of mistakes…like taunts…and missed ultras.



replace the .html with .mp4, eg:


yeah and the group A,B,C etc have to be in capital letters. For example, b-1-1.mp4 wont work.


well I dont think its so important to have them in capital. Dont waste your time in getting worried about small or capital letter instead go check out mcts and ence and suggest me something. Which one is better, or I should opt for mcdba certification


lol @ taunt, only to get ultra’ed and lose the match…


Ricky Ortiz (Rufus),
fLoE (Sagat),
Sabin (Dhalsim),
Justin Wong (Rufus),
Marn (Rufus).


lol dude hella rotated that stick after i hit him with jump back roundhouse lol
but other than that not much sure to say than whats already been said. at that point we were pissed the fuck off.


wow, just saw it…very nice Sim! You’re like a slippery snake.