+5 on a DC pad?

im trying to hook up my p360 to my dc controller and i dont know where to put the other end of the wire. can someone help me plz… If you can tell me what to look for that would be great.

get a multimeter.
what pad?

its usually the red wire
but multimeter.

a dreamcast pad, hes a link to the pad… http://arkadesticks.com/hackedpads/Dreamcastofficialpad.jpg

now i wanna know where the other end of the +5 goes

from what i heard its the blue wire

this again lol…I made the exact same topic about mas stick pcb from ur house last year

yeah its the blue wire for DC

from the link i sent you can you circle where i have to put the wire cause the link you sent me is confusing…sorry:sweat:

took me about two seconds to find the blue wire then follow it to the other side.

sha bam


Perfect man, thanks alot for all the help!