5+ on mas PCB ??

where is the 5+ for mas PCBs ?? we got the big mas pcb that mas stick used(not the new smaller chip they use now). Can someone please let me know asap thanks.

I am at remix1213’s house trying fix his mas stick !!

Im not sure myself tho I remember reading somewhere that its the spot labeled on the board"VCC". I assume you have a ps2 version in wich you would just use the 3.3 power wire from the cord.

Hey guys i just finished fixing my stick wit the help of Demise. He sent me a bunch of pics and it helped out alot just incase anyone else needs help wit this the button layout is B = short/a , C = Forward/b , R = right trigger/Roundhouse , Y = jab/x , Z = medium/y and L = left trigger/Fierce. the +5v was the part labeled VCC like Metrock1 mentioned before. The directions for left/down/right/up should be obvious so i dont think i need to explain that. But thats it guys hope my experience helped anyone. Thx again to demise for the pics. If anyone needs them hit me up on AIM…

As per the other thread, invest in a multimeter. Anyone who owns a soldering iron and not a multimeter is playing dangerous games with their equipment.

I live on the edge =p , nah but i appreciate the advice. I’ll get one asap, i didnt think its was needed since i knew wat i was looking for. But if u say to get one anyway i’ll do that.

You can pick one up for less than $20 these days. It’s not like the 80’s where you had to buy some giant Russian-made nuclear Geiger-counter type device that weighed 10KG, was built like a brick shithouse, and cost you a week’s salary.

Multimeters are cheap and damned useful. And with the cost of the cheaper models are an essential purchase for modders and padhackers. I honestly can’t recommend these things any more strongly.

While Multimeters are indeed important, I simply hate them. My hands shake a lot and I have no aptitude for them. Yet I can solder fine.

Still, ya have to have one, so get it already. :slight_smile: