5 pics of SF characters with real-skin photo-manipulation (Added RYU)

By my friend Cazetta on deviant art:

http://cazetta.deviantart.com/art/Real-Gouken-Beta-133659170 Gouken
http://cazetta.deviantart.com/art/Real-Dhalsim-142702710 Dhalsim
http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2009/365/2/2/Real_Abel_by_cazetta.jpg Abel
http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/007/2/f/Real_Dudley_by_cazetta.jpg Dudley
http://cazetta.deviantart.com/art/Real-Ryu-155238231 Ryu … NEW !

http://cazetta.deviantart.com/art/Real-Dr-Gero-1-6-111944683 Dr. Gero
http://cazetta.deviantart.com/art/Q-Unmasked-113722320 Q unmasked

I have seen these skin photo manipulations of Mario but never for SF characters.

These look great. Your friend’s got some serious talent.

Dr.Gero looks pretty creepy with those eyes, though. But it’s to be expected, since the artist’s trying to emulate Toriyama’s style but with photo manipulation.

Still, he/she needs to work on more of these.

these are pretty dope. the gouken and gero look really good.

I told him how freaky the Dhalsim is. Like I said, I’ve seen skin manipulation like this, but never for SF characters. As I know right now, he’s working on more for SF characters.

I would be scared to see a real life Gouki.

hahahaha i’ve seen pictures of a guy who hella looks like Hercule/Mr. Satan… no manipulation required :smiley:

that sim one is crazy!

Insanely good :tup:

That Dhalsim is GDLK. Would love to see a Gouki and Sagat.

those are kinda creepy and cool at the same time

That Dhalsim is awesome.

Sagat, Bison, and Akuma would look sick.

haha oh woah, some really interesting stuff here!!!

some really great work! looking at these pics the thing that really stands out and reminds you that these are completely fictitious characters, well other than the obvious proportional exaggerations, are the whites of the eyes. particularly for the gouken piece, i would like to see it again if your friend decides to retouch the eyes a bit more. imo i speak for the gouken pic because i believe this piece has the most potential to look the most realistic out of the bunch. still awesome job none the less!

Gouken was the first one. The Dhalsim he did after, so he’s getting better. I think he mentioned he’s doing more they just take time. If I had photoshop skill, I’d be trying this kinna stuff out

damn that sim one is crazy good :tup:

Awesome, Dhalsim looks so realistic! The skin on his head, especially the side is great.



that one’s fabby-dan-dozy.

Holy crap at that Abel.

Simply stunning.

man this shit is pretty dammnnn sweet i want to learn!!

Dennis Quaid Abel just cracks me up xD