5 Reasons to help you better understand why hollywood makes unbelievable, unremarkable sh!%


So i was bored this morning as i was fantasizing about all the awesome ideas i have for tv shows, movies, etc… and i was like, let me once again ask google why does hollywood make so much bad shit, and see if i can get a more modern update from the past few years or so from insiders, and i came across a nice 5 reasons break down on cracked.com. i will now paste it for you to enjoy

i advise you to click the highlighted links also to read further about how shitty hollywood is. As i sat in frustration this morning wondering why NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, can make a decent ninja movie, or even a good god damn ninja anime, i had to search to find out, and i was greeted with some things i havent known before, and some things i slightly assumed were happening.

You know what, it was actually the resident evil movies that FIRST started off this journey this morning, because im like, how do you make a bad resident evil movie. the games already had great writing for you to just copy and paste onto the big screen, only modifying stuff like boss fights, solving puzzles, and all the random notes you come across to read in the game. i mean, how hard is this.

If someone came up to me and was like, i want you to make the greatest ninja movie of all time with a sequel, it would be the easiest task to do, even on a small budget. NINJA ASSASSINS BUDGET WAS 40 FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS, and you didnt get shit. Hell look at Green Lantern, 200 million dollar budget, and that was almost as bad as ghostrider 2, and his flight scenes looked out of the 90’s graphically, not to mention it was just horrible. 200 million motherfucking dollars in budget and you cant make a decent movie.

im about to rant and start getting slightly off course, so i’ll wait until the convo gets started here and chime back in, but its just crazy how much trash they make, and how long they have been doing it, even when the movies theyre making already have good foundations to research so you can make the greatest shit ever.


little snippet also to get you started

“Hollywood studios generally buy 10 times as many scripts as they make into movies, which means they currently own exclusive rights to a shitload of films that will never see production. And in most cases, they won’t let anyone else have them. E.T., The Matrix, Pulp Fiction and Star Wars are all films that you never would have seen because the studios that owned them were content to sit on each forever. They were saved only because someone convinced another studio to re-buy them, usually at a higher price.”

“And finally, sometimes studios will sit on entirely completed movies. We’ve told you about the time a studio made an abysmal low-budget adaptation of The Fantastic Four it never intended to release, simply because it wanted to keep the rights. It turns out this sort of thing is more common than you’d expect: When legendary producer Harvey Weinstein was in charge of Miramax, he used to buy exclusive rights to foreign films and then push back their releases indefinitely as part of a scheme to get bonuses from Disney. He bought the rights to distribute Jet Li’s movie Hero and then didn’t, releasing it a full two years later only when Quentin Tarantino finally intervened.”



Pro tip: game developers and writers try to get access to unused scripts so they can get new ideas for stories. There are literally vaults full of them, dating all the way back to the beginning of time, moviewise. :tup: