5 Year Old Charged With Murder


This child is going to be seen as some kind of daemon seed growing up, regardless of what charges she faces or if the case is dropped.


can you really hold a 5 year old responsible for that babies death? a five year old isn’t capable of making those kind of decisions, they don’t understand what it means to ‘kill’ someone, nor can they really appreciate the consequences of their actions.

the true culprit here is the baby sitter who fell asleep rather than keep an eye on the children in her charge. she’s the one responsible for the death of that baby. it sucks for her, and yes it’s a little unfair because she had no way of knowing this kind of thing would happen, but ultimately it’s her fault.


like 10 years i get…when a 10 yr old kills i can see them…well almost see them understanding death but not really. but a fuckin 5 year old?! no fuckin way does this kid have a clue on what he did.


No way a 5 year old could commit a murder.
They are still too wet behind the ears.


Interesting comment.


Ultimately the baby sitter should be charged since the parents left her in charge of their children.

But then again, how does the girl come up with the idea to drag the baby into the bathroom, fill the tub and drown him?

I cannot imagine that they were already in the bathroom/tub when prior to the act.


Why would you want to have your 18 month old baby watched by a 16 year old? Blame it on the parents.


Bad babysitting! - Dr. Hibbert

In all seriousness I wouldn’t know who to place blame on. However, any moron (3 years and up) can tell you that killing other people is wrong. Bad parenting too?


??? most babysitters are high school kids. In college you get actual part time jobs.

Sad story all around. 16 year old will never live this down, the 5 year old’s life is ruined, parent’s lives are ruined, and the baby is dead.



Fuck these pussy responses…give em all the chair


Stay free, Kansas.


At 5 I knew the difference between right and wrong, life and death.


no you didn’t.
you think you did, but you didn’t.


Must be the region area, i see young kids babysitting all the time in movies but in my area its always neighbors & daycare…18 month old is still way too young for 16 year old to babysit for…


Did we really need further prove that America is utterly and completely fucktarded?

Dollars to doughnuts this WASN’T on the MO side of Stupid Street.


not every kid was as inept as you were


Memory and self-awareness are tied into our learning of language(s). We gain empathy from self-awareness, by 3 years of age the average toddler can empathize enough to know when others are feeling pain either emotionally or physically.

I would expect a 5 year old to know that it is uncomfortable being unable to breathe (and having their head underwater), but I don’t expect all 5 year olds to know the ramifications of such an act, or the biological permanence of death. I’m sure she did know that what she was doing was wrong, otherwise she wouldn’t have attempted it while the babysitter was asleep.

As for the babysitter, although she was clearly not doing her job, criminal negligence calls for more than just “falling asleep” while a random tragedy occurred. If she had filled up the bathtub, left the door wide open, and then decided to take a nap with kids running around, then she* (*since she’s a minor- her parents) would pretty much be liable for a civil lawsuit. Basically, I don’t think it’s safe to pass immediate judgment on anyone without more facts being presented.


edit: sorry, seems I misunderstood you at first.

I agree with the entire post


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you can know ‘of’ them but you don’t really know the difference or appreciate the consequences

how many kids do you have?