50/50 air tatsu mixups

I’m having trouble with 50/50 tatsu mixups. They always seem to land on the side I’m already on, and aren’t really ambiguous at all, and I tend to get punished pretty hard trying them. Anyone know of any good videos/tutorials for these? I think it’s my timing/distance, but I’m not 100% on that.

Not quite sure what you mean by 50/50 tatsu… could you give me a better picture of the scenario?

I think I see it being used mostly after a forward throw. Just a neutral jump air tatsu that’s kind of ambiguous. Could hit either side, so they have to guess which direction to block. Am I calling it by the right name?

Eh easiest way is forward throw, lk tatsu immediately and than jump up and hk tatsu @ peak. But that’s an obvious setup that wouldn’t work much after someone knows it and you can see some Ken players manually time it. I think to make it hit same side you do it a tad early?

But yeah at peak is when you make it hit the other side.


1:54 and 2:26

Also try this, some old advice I saw from back in Super.

  1. [on hit] hp.SRK > dash in once > c.mp >>> OPTIONS
    [OPTION 1] if opponent quick stand block, c.mp will meaty block.
    [OPTION 2] if opponent quck stand and got hit, c.mp will meaty hit > c.mk > hadou / ex hadou can then > focus cancel > UC2.
    (c.mp hit is a last few frame of meaty hit, hence COMBO)
    [OPTION 3] if opponent no quick stand, neutral JUMP > hk.tetsu [cross up!]

Ohhh that. Yeah that timing is really strict. Weslo pretty much summed it up but yeah I do it normally off of a fwd throw>lk tatsu corpse hop as well, although I have been doing it more after a ex ground tatsu, and random scenarios where I find myself right in the persons grill. I don’t think more than 2 people have ever blocked it, excellent move. I love it when it X-up people out of their dps. Once you get the timing down on that, mix it up with neutral kara tatsus… not only looks bad ass but because they hit so many times people often stop blocking

Awesome, thanks for the advice, guys!

Man, I’ve been practicing kara tatsu, but I can’t seem to get it down. I can do kara throw/dp/focus/hadouken, but not the tatsu. Just gotta keep at it.

Once you nail the kara tatsu it feels awesome. I have been manhandling people with the different variations in different situations. Try starting it up from a ridiculous frontal jump in position and watch how deceptively you can turn it into a X-up kara tatsu, it will place you kind of far away but I’ve been combo-ing out fairly easily

What’s the motion you do for it? Like, for kara DP i do the normal motion for a DP, but sort of plink the mk with whatever punch I want. I’m not sure if i’m doing it right, but it seems to work and give me that little extra distance on my DPs. I just can’t figure out the motion for the kara tatsu at all.

All of the kara tools are pretty much the same plinking deal… I personally had a hard time with the dp, I think primarily because the joystick notation is the most elaborate out of all of them, and it’s also difficult sometimes to tell whether or not you succeeded. The tatsu is just the quarter circle, and you piano the hk into the mk… if my memory serves me correctly you want that mk to hit at the very end of the quarter circle. I struggled through MANY a match trying to perfect the kara tatsu. Between coward coptering out of corners, fullscreen projectile jumps into the opponents recovery frames from their projectile, predicting peoples jumps and meeting them in the air and escorting them into the stratosphere… fun stuff. I have all those down pretty well, and I can probably do the actual move close to 99 times out of 100. Now I’m working on specific situations for the X-up one(beast!) Take it into the lab and you’ll get it

I think what I’m not understanding about the kara tatsu is how you get the step kick started to cancel into the tatsu. Do you do f.mk but start buffering the qcb and plink to cancel into the tatsu?

whats the kara tatsu jump in setup? any vids?

The kara tatsu to my knowledge can only be done in the air… my bad dude lol, I hope you didn’t spend too long in the training room trying all that on the ground. It’s just a plink from hk to mk in the air, and he will float like Jesus when performed correctly.

I would love to post some vids up, and will be doing so eventually… gotta get some kind of DVR though. I tried making this capture card work with the Dazzle and iGrabber, and I guess technically it ‘does’ work, but the vid quality is straight garrrbage. No way around it.

As far as setups I think maybe the back throw I dunno… I’m usually blazed out of my mind when I play. I have been getting quite a few people by jumping towards their projectile and right before I fall on it, firing up the kara tatsu to change trajectory. It’s pretty versatile with the jump ins because you can start it up so late, very deceptive like Cammy’s dive kick. When I get a DVR I’m going to make thee dopest Ken vid ever made. EVER

Ah ha! I was trying to do it on the ground and was getting super frustrated. Haha.

Can’t wait to get home and give this a try!