50/50 lingo?

Now I may come out to be the biggest scrub because of this, but what does the term “50/50” actually mean I’ve heard it used my shoultz a lot but I’ve also heard it being used in the other fighting games. Any help?

i think he is refering to set ups which you can either hit them with an over head, or stay low, its a 50/50 chance your opponent will get it wrong (or right)


pin somone in corner using orbs,magic series into doom, wait until doom is almost over and then go for c.lk, or jump up and press lk as soon as you jump.

if they get hit with the low then doom will pop them up for corner combo+set-ups

if they crouch and get hit with jump lk, the doom rocks will pop them up for corner combo+setups

you can train people to block one way and use 50/50 setups to get an easy high low changeup