50/50 mindgame

just posted this in the cammy section, but i do this with viper as well. except any shoryuken type move will beat it everytime, so it makes it lower than 50/50 by a lot with those characters. instead of cannon spike i use h.tk
"anyone ever play this game against someone after a knockdown?
you got two moves
cannon spike or grab
you walk toward them and you’re close up. then just as they get up, you cannon spike or grab
if they attack or jump, a cannon spike will hit them
if they turtle or do an attack that’s not a jump or something like a shoryuken, a grab will work
if you know what they’re going to do you will hit them
i’ve beat the crap out of players way better than me by guessing or trying to think what they think, but it mostly doesn’t work because i guess wrong. and some moves trump my cannon spike sometimes(shoryuken/ex shoryuken, which changes the 50/50 chances)

just terrible lol ^^ bad enough with cammy, but with viper its just… no! vipers hp.tk wont even catch backdash plus a grab will also beat attacks (that arent crouch tech) and you can just react to a wakeup jump with dp. Just because its a 50/50 doesnt mean its good. Vipers hp.tk does a whopping 70 dmg and youre not able to follow it up with anything if u hit your opponent off the ground on wakeup, unless its corner. So you either get 70 dmg, or you get punished for max damage… If you wanna make it safe, you have to burn 2 meter regardless if it hits or not, because its not possible to fadc on reaction to block. And as you said, it plain loses to a shitton of better reversals. There is a ton of way better options on a knockdown for viper than doing that scrubby mixup.

lol i know it is terrible. i am terrible.