$50 Blast City cab in Antioch, TN That I need part of

Hey guys just throwing this out an awesome find for someone local to Antioch

I have been looking for a Control panel assembly for a blast city for a while now and I found one but unfortunately its in Tennessee and he is not willing to part it out and ship ughh

So if there is anyone that is looking for one let me know I found it on klovg forums its a sega bass fishing so the pcb would have to be switched along with the panel but he’s selling it for $50 local pickup and thats a killer deal I really want the panel to make a mold

do you have a link? I have family down there.

I guess… will you let me borrow or buy the panel assembly if you pick it up? on and I forgot to mention its missing the monitor let me know if you want to contact him through me the forum has rules for people to register and crap

crap… didn’t know it didn’t have a monitor. :frowning:

If it did I would have considered picking it up.

Sorry man.

yeah sorry I forgot to mention that I really did not pay attention to the part about the monitor I was only thinking of the panel assembly if your family member was able to pick it up I would pay them extra to get that control panel to me I’m thinking of making a mold of it to make a full size carbon fiber blast city like the hss-130 but only with Carbon fiber magic

PM sent rooster