$50 cover charge makes me sad :(

$60 to play in 1 game is a LOT… if the price goes up any more i don’t think i’ll go next time :confused:

its a 1 time per year opportunity
don’'t whine

that is very steep for one game…

Thats only including this Evo tournament. What about the pre-quals or Evo Japan?

You don’t need to go to qualifiers to enter, those just get you seeded so that you’re not going against other seeded players right away.

So getting the funds to fly/drive there + hotel is fine, but 60 bucks more just pushes it over the top?

I don’t think the OP said that the 60 bucks ruined the whole thing. EVO is a once a year thing but you have to admit that 50 dollars is an expensive venue fee. I would imagine that the expensive venue fee is not without reason tho.

Just for the record, $50 is the regular price of evo venue fee (for those who don’t do the early bird registration which is $40).

Posts like these really dig at me. The simple solution to this would be if you don’t like the price just simply don’t go or pay the early bird fee.

Tournaments don’t come cheap and one of this magnitude I’m sure is a 100x more expensive. It’s not like some local joe blow tournament is charging you $50 to get in. It is the super bowl of fighting game tournaments and a lot goes into it. Remember they are doing this to provide you with a great and sound tournament experience. Be grateful for what they are providing. And for years EVO’s fees have always been larger then a normal tournament it’s nothing new.

You should start a thread complaining about plane tickets, now those are expensive.


Tell me about it. I paid $450 for my tickets last year. This year I paid near $800.

Uh…It’s been 50 bucks as long as I can remember. I don’t see how people are still bitching.
Don’t like it? Don’t come or don’t enter any games. Simple as that.

Crying about a Venue Fee? its worth it…Fuck the plane tickets tho…Those are Rediculous…But im still going…its my First evo…NEVER will i miss this

No its not. Considering how big the tournament is, the location its in and the amount of equipment they use every year. 50 bucks isn’t shit.

I’ve been going to EVO since 08 and it’s always been 50 dollars and to me, for such a wonderful experience its a very small price to pay.

Plus, part of the venue fee also goes to giving every one name badges, lanyards and T-shirts.

Damn man…why such a jump?

You know what makes me sad? $10 entrance fees. Double it already and pay the top 32 players. By the time you get there and pay for hotel and food, you’re already out the better part of a grand. What’s $10 more bucks a tournament for a better chance of getting a pay day?


funny thing is, its been going up and up over the years.i wouldnt be surprised if in a few years it goes up to 100.
they are the sellouts, not us.

nah i went to register yesterday and i stopped when paypal was gonna take out $60… regular registration is $20 more. the $50+$10 is the early bird.

i was expectin like $30-40 +10 for early bird

EVO is a big thing for fighting games, similar to other competitive venues as well. Being a snowboarder, I remember back in 2002, to enter at Breckenridge’s big spring contest that was part of the Sprint Circuit, I think I paid like 80 bucks just to enter. You gotta pay to play, and 50 bucks isn’t really surprising or a rip off for that matter. I would love to attend EVO some day, but life’s got some heavy priorities for me to accomplish before I can start seriously consider going. Though I would love to!

I don’t think it’s that bad. Hell, I’d pay that much just to go spectate and enjoy the experience(though I’m pretty sure I don’t have to xP)

The $50 venue fee is fine, that makes sense considering it’s Vegas and renting out space in Vegas is likely very expensive.

But the $10 entry fee… I could drive 20 minutes to play in a $10 tournament. Feels a little weird.

Like buying a luxury car and then cheaping out on the leather seats.

Its a vegas hotel. Not some holiday inn in a suburb 15 miles outside of a city. Stuff is gonna cost more, add in all of the equipment any everything 50 dollars seems too little.