50% off Razer Atrox - Promotion ended


Thought some people would like this.

Get the Razer Atrox for $128 after Tax and shipping. Go to this link

‘Like’ the Razer page.
‘Like’ another page they list.
Get code
Put in promo code section.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

The Razer Arcade Stick Thread!

out of stock in europe :frowning:


Sold out


50% off was still too much for it anyway.


its working for me… in stock.


Yeah. Works fine now.


There’s free shipping on orders over $135! YAY

The promo brings the price down to $100 for the stick, no longer free shipping, BOO!

Would’ve snapped one up pre-xmas/black friday–can’t justify another stick ATM.


just bought one :slight_smile:


I bought 2 at launch and still haven’t opened them. ._.

It pays to wait sometimes ahhh lol.


I got an Atrox for $135 off of an Amazon Warehouse sale. Came in a damaged box but it’s still the best stick I’ve ever own after getting a Cerberus and PiiWii popped in. If I didn’t already have a loaner stick I would have gotten another.