50 vs Jwong

AND the winner is NO ONE

50 didn’t have the time to play i brought up the money match idea and he was like ‘werd he gets it in street fighter like that?’ grabs justin takes photo. in that exact order.

Idid however get gootecks and arturo in for some 50 time. gootecks scored a free copy of 50cent and the temple of crunk err blood on the sand and a autograph. art got a photo cause he’s art , Romes i’m sorry i couldn’t get you in. you gotta win some tournies man.
anyway 50’s a nice guy goes to the bathroom a lot. but it’s whatever.

i got footage for the people playing justin after. It’s pretty grizzly.

I just walked and i’m going to pass out.

Some heads came from srk

this one kid said justin refused to play him. then got beat. He did take a round with gen against justin’s sagat’

clgamer is gonna have some footage up pretty soon. if you like curtis that is.

awww man,

I was looking forward to some vids. I’m sure 50 cent is at least decent… Just cuz he got hos and bling don’t mean he aint got the time to duke it out w/ yayo and banks.

I’m wondering if he’s thinkin of making a fighting game starring himself at some point following the success of bulletproof and blood on the sand.

wouldn’t put it past him

pics now

50 is a little sissy boy (starts doing Peter Griffin’s Winston Churchill taunt)

Hahaha, awesome report man

Man I want a copy of Blood on the Sand that game looks ridiculous.

Good shit 50!

can we get some pic’s please?


i would pay to see 50cent go up against any pro SF player… not cuz he’d get beat… just for the simple nastalgia…
EDIT: hahahaha me and the above poster both have huey avatars…

…What? Can anyone translate that into English?

Basically translates to: Really? He’s that good at street fighter?

Ohhhhhh, like 50 said “Word, he gets it in Street Fighter like that?”

Ahh k. That I would’ve understood.

Haha, imagine Street Fighter IV getting super huge in the next year (if Gootecks and some league somehow magically blend community and corporate greed well), top players will be kicking back with celebrities like its nothing. Didn’t Walshy from MLG meet a ton of celebrities?

Did someone ask Fiddy who the hell he was gonna use?

yeah he didn’t answer.

here’s a set of press images.they spelt my name wrong by spelling it right. 50 points if you can spot me.

i’ll upload some from my camera and the footage. i’m sorry i’m lazy but i have a shitty 9 to 5. I gotta join team no work. like gootecks and justin.

here’s the 50 and jwong photo

No point asking, it was going to be boxer guaranteed.

You guys reserving your copy of 50 Cent Fu? I’m game!


Nice cop out by 50.

Lol at the pic. And, once again, that shit was covered by a celebrity blog:
Who knows, maybe in about a year random sites will take pics of Justin, Gootecks while they leave clubs after partying with Lindsay Lohan.

I think Gootecks is quite enjoying his time in NYC so far lol

Lol, man be snortin’ dat coke

he must’ve went to the restroom A LOT for you to notice. lol.